Ragara Rogeru, the Hammered Mountain

Exalted character for an upcoming campaign. Based on the Black Whirlwind from Jade Empire. He’s Dragon Blooded. Very excited.

The Mountain’s Hammer, also known as the Hammered Mountain, was born into the wealthy Ragara family. As a young boy he was rather rude. His teachers had difficulties with him, and often Rogeru was beaten. At first these beatings happened outside of class. When this did not deter him, they happened in class, while repeatedly calling him by his name, which he loathed. By the time he was ten, he stood proudly while being beaten, laughing the entire time, much to the frustration of his educators and to the amusement of his classmates.

Ragara hoped he would become a drunk out in some threshold satrap, kept away from the family. When he exalted at the age of 12, showing impeccable breeding, dread filled his house’s hearts. He became no smarter in class. In fact, he became worse. Though teachers feared he would have a horrible temper, he took his beatings with more valor and egged on his teachers until their arms were sore. The teen would laugh and sit down. In a few instances, he even protected his instructors from newly exalted children who did abuse the teachers. And he’d stand in the middle of two fighting Exalted and take their punishment until they settled. He seemed to really like getting hit.
He also took up drinking and whoring. By thirteen he had taken several girls his age and had drunk many adults under the table. He was rarely beaten. The house noted he was taking a good deal of money to make it all work, though. Finally they tightened his stipend and he was forced to find other ways to satiate his enormous needs.
At fifteen he was deep in house Cynis, making good friends and drinking buddies. He became famous among them, his name becoming “The Seated Mountain,” as he rarely ended up off his stool and under the table. He began his trade in brewing beer at this time, taught by several in house Cynis. This angered his own house even more.
By sixteen he was pulled out of primary school and shoved into the Cloister of Wisdom. Amid numerous prayers to the Dragons, the elders said perhaps the lifestyle of a monk would sober him up. He learned the martial arts with a strange zeal, all things considered, though had little head for the texts. He slept and drank with Blooded and mortal alike and saw little difference. Aside from the drinking. There was a lot of difference in the drinking.
He graduated at 20 and was urged to join the Immaculate Order by his elders. After being given a gift of a white jade maul, he laughed and said he could never join. The Order sighed with relief. There was no way they would accept him. He bedded numerous female students and monks in his time at the Cloister. And continued to take his beatings with vigor.
When asked what Rogeru, now known as The Mountain’s Hammer for his reliance on his maul and his learning the earth form, would do, he boisterously stated, “I shall go to the threshold and defend those poor souls from the deprivations of the Wyld, spirits, and bandits!”
The elders were relieved and sent him as quickly as possible to the north, telling him to help the Haslanti. With joy, The Mountain went north. After three months, when winter started, he traveled to the east. Those who got him drunk were told, “I piss on the north and make their snow yellow! Too damned cold.” Those who asked him officially were told that the Haslanti were well suited to defend themselves and did not need a wandering monk to aid them. Ragara was simply happy he hadn’t asked to come back home.
In the east he traveled to Great Forks, Nexus, Lookshy, and everything in between. While he told people he was a monk, they were very disappointed to find out he could not indeed deal with spirits. In fact, once when approached by an earth hound, he thought it was a doberman and treated it as a normal dog, much to the chagrin of the villagers who needed the dog slain as it was interfering with their crops. Mountain, on the other hand, made a friend that day.
He did stop many bandits and there were several stories of his valor, drunkenness, and public nudity. Many pondered why he had not been assigned to the Red Piss Legion. Many times Rogeru wondered this too. From the stories he heard, he would love that station. Tepet Ejeva had specifically pleaded that he never join her ranks, as the drunken mortals were hard enough. The council was kind enough to grant her request.
At the age of 30, Rogeru returned home. The house marginalized him and did their best to send him out into the countryside to hunt down bandits and other outlaws. He took to them with incredible vigor.
At the age of 32, the House of Bells, curious as to this warrior’s prowess, asked him once to join an exercise. They regretted the decision when thirty minutes into the exercise he appeared, barely clothed and drunk, waving about his maul and screaming obscenities. He killed a dozen mortals before five dragon blooded wore him down and he passed out.
House Ragara was enraged. However, when they heard about the expedition to the middle of nowhere that would take a very long time and likely yield no results and would be incredibly dangerous, they found a way of disposing of their errant child without killing him. This is how Ragara Rogeru, The Mountain’s Hammer, the Hammered Mountain, ended up heading back to the River Provinces.

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