This is Literature?! And don’t scientists have something better to do!?

This is a two for one! I couldn’t believe this.

The other day, Joel approached me and asked if I had heard of dinosaur erotica. I laughed, but he said he was serious. Then I looked at him funny. He told me some of the stories, Taken by the T-RexMounted by the Gryphon, and numerous more. I shrugged it off. But then there was a Q&A with the authors. They’re making more money than an engineer at Boeing. Within a month of writing monster erotica, the money was more substantial than their jobs. They write about prehistoric creatures, squids, shape shifters, and other weird things having sex with women, and people are buying it in troves. What!? There is a part of me thinking of all that money and quitting my day job, but then there’s that other part, the part that has dignity and pride, saying this isn’t the right way to do it. Chances are my writing will never free me of a second job. I might be able to go part time, but I will always need a second source of income or a sugar mamma. But if I start writing about women taking it from a pterodactyl, well I’m in business. I could retire by the time I’m 40 from the sound of it. Write real stories from that time on. But I’ll resist. I swore I’d try to not even get published by a publisher that puts out erotica. Which is increasingly difficult in our culture.

Anyway, my friend who posted this also gained another article under this Q&A. A post that once more blew my mind. Scientists have not only created theories on how dinosaurs had sex and the length of a T-Rex, but they’ve created illustrations! (It’s not graphic, but it is really bizarre) What?! People are getting paid to figure out the T-Rex would be 12 feet long? Others got paid to show how they went at it? More were paid to figure it out? These creatures are dead. Unless Dr. Hammond shows up, I don’t think this is going to be an issue.

What are some of the weirdest things you’ve seen? This can be books, things people have researched, what your neighbor did to their poor dog (I hate those sweaters). Link us, but try to avoid the graphic stuff.

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