A Great Guide

“Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path.” -Psalm 119:105 NLT

Today’s daily devotion was about memorizing the word of God and using it as guidance in your life. I’ve been doing that more and more moving forward, and I can feel the benefits of that. Today I was able to show it to others who are in a difficult place.

In the past weekend I have been brought close(r) again. I still have some focus issues. I still feel a little drained, but I also feel a great deal lighter. Cathartic maybe? I want to weep. Not tears of pain, but tears of happiness. Kind of. Just understanding. I’m in a good place. So God came down and patted me on the head for not being stupid this weekend. I have an old friend back, one that would have become a very close friend if not for my erroneous decisions. Another friend I was able to help through some difficult times. She still has one long road, but she’s at least on it. These are uplifting to me. I regained an intelligent friend, and I aided a friend with insurmountable potential realize they had that potential.

God speaks in our love language. He gives us what we can endure. He obviously knew that I needed a pat on the head, and I received one. Did I complain? Did I whine? Goodness yes. I did not deserve the pat on the head, and did not expect it. But he’s a lamp to guide my feet, and he guided them to make me remember what I should be doing.

My parents have ties to inner city organizations that help out. There’s the Angel Tree coming up. I used to shy from it, but this year I’m definitely doing it. The idea is, people purchase gifts for families with a parent in jail, to show the kid they’re loved and not forgotten. So then you deliver the gifts a week or so before Christmas. It’s very cool. More than a little ashamed I’ve shied from it previously.

Anyway, do the right thing, follow God’s wisdom as it lights the path for your feet, and do great works He has set before you!



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