It’s a little past 2am. A blessing is the illness I thought would be crippling today was only inconvenient. I’ll take that. The curse is it’s past 2am, and I don’t want to lay down. So I’ve decided to write a poem. Then I’ll take my Zzzquil, think happy thoughts, and pass out, drugged and happy. Tomorrow I should be near 100%. So then it’s time to get my crap together, work out, and get writing. Did do some planning for role playing tonight. Have my next two days of posts set up. I think they’re kind of awesome. It’s not as dour as I’ve been. They’re happy and hopeful. Anyway….

Poetry Poker: Dismay, uncertainty, shame, tension, hostility. Bahahaha. I think I get this theme. I picked the perfect one.

Sit here at my PC pondering all there is,
Dismay takes over, I think of what was.
The future holds me in its claws,
Uncertainty to its core. But what can I do
But push on, allaying the shame the touches
My temples, increasing the headache.
The tension builds until I can feel the
grip of malice on my heart, leaving a
Shadow where once there was a light.
Hostility overtakes, and I cannot sleep,
For all I can think are mischievous, vile,
Villainous thoughts. I’ll take my drugs,
I’ll halt my mind, create a placid lake,
Even if only instilled when addled.

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