Take my love,
Take my land,
Take me where I cannot stand.
I don’t care,
I’m still free,
You can’t take the sky from me.


I really want to do a fan fiction based on these lyrics, so we’ll see what happens. I already have the story. For those familiar with Joker in Mass Effect, it would be similar, though not quite. He’d be the focus, so you’d learn more about what got him where he was going, and his disease won’t be the glass bones, but something that still makes it where a pilot position is what gives him his freedom. May have to wait until after Nanowrimo. With the board game and the marathon I attempted, I feel a sense of freedom. I get a bit of what Captain Reynolds means when he feels free on his ship, even though they’re poor, nearly dying, underfed, fugitives of the law, and even the criminal element is shooting at them despite fair dealings. It makes sense. As long as I have my writing, I’m free.

To Nanowrimo. To edits. To writing a thousand stories on paper or in my head, telling them to my niece and nephew or playing them on my PS3. You can’t take the words from me.

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