Ego Blows

“The only blow my ego should ever take is from a hot blond.” -Me

I read something where a talented individual put herself out there and she said it was a blow to her ego when she was denied. I read that and realized my ego’s been hamstringed a little lately. But what would Barney Stinson say? When I get sad I stop being sad and get awesome. Then I took it that one step further. That’s when I came up with the quote.

This is the truth. Whatever the equivalent is for you, that should be the only blow your ego takes. The only time your ego is struck is when life gives you a high five for being that awesome. Your ego is stretched thin because it’s doing impossible yoga poses of epic. The only time I can’t find my ego is because I’m so close to it I forget I can’t see the edges.

Do the same. You’re amazing. Maybe you can write. Perhaps you inspire. There’s a chance you’re the pillar for those around you and emotionally you keep them stable. I think it’s possible there’s a master swordsmen out there, along with a beginning swordsmen who could still cut down most opponents because most people don’t know how to fight with a sword. If you can smile through pain, cry through joy, and temper your pride (seriously, despite all of this, humility out in the world is still a key), then realize your worth, realize it’s incredible, and realize you’re a brilliant light in this world. Then go out and light the world ablaze, because the world might not realize it yet, but they direly need you.



3 Comments on “Ego Blows

  1. Do you really think you can feel all that awesomeness inside and still seem humble out in the world? It seems like an impossibility to me.
    I think, however, you can feel confident without letting your ego take over. Is there a fine line there somewhere?
    I like your new theme, by the way. πŸ™‚

    • Paradox? I wrestled with that concept as well. I think everyone should feel amazing about themselves (as long as they’re striving for that awesome and making it happen). But I also think they should have respect and understanding for others.

      Thanks! It reminds me of Guild Wars 2. Yeah video game influences. I want to eventually get a picture for the background.

      • To me, ego denotes self-importance. As long as one doesn’t feel more important than anyone else, I think they’re good to go.
        You’re welcome! Looking forward to seeing what you do with it. πŸ™‚

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