Moving: I Like Books

I’m moving. By Tuesday the plan is to be entirely out of this apartment, and by Thursday I’m in the new apartment. Followed by a stressful Friday meeting, bar crawl through Madison Saturday for a friend’s birthday (another thing I’ve never done), and NaNoWriMo starts Friday. Sunday there’s a shindig at a local library, so I look forward to that. I’m also taking vacation on that Monday and Tuesday to both get a head start on Nano and complete my friend’s birthday gift, Clipped Wings.

While moving, packing boxes, and seemingly not running out of books, I realized I have a lot of books. I have five fairly large boxes packed with them, and I still have two bookshelves, each five shelves about two feet wide along with randomly scattered books because they don’t all fit on my bookshelves. I haven’t even touched half the things I own. I have my toys and decorative items. And my boxes are nearly gone. Then there’s all the clothes. My notebooks. Board games. I have no idea how this is going to work out. Time to find boxes.

Note: While most people are generally used to packing a lot of boxes, I’ve generally fit everything I own into my car, aside from the bookshelves and bed. This is how I rolled. And I can no longer roll that way. Trailer it is.

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