“Is it supposed to be that color?”

“I definitely had corn last night.”

“Beets can make it red, right? I hope so.”

“I shouldn’t have drank all that food coloring.”

“I really need to see a doctor about that.”

“You don’t want to go in there.”

“I need fresh air!”

“That was at least two feet long.”

“I’ve never hurt so badly. It burns, man.”

“I’m going to need new underwear after that.”

What’s the worst thing you’ve said, thought, heard, or could possibly hear in this situation?


    1. That’s why it’s posted! 🙂 Mind you, these aren’t things I’VE said…or at least they aren’t all what I’ve said. Some were roommate inspired, others I just had too much time on my hands. I’ll let you guess on the two footer.

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