I’m Glad FaceBook Makes Me Look Like a Nerd

I had a friend who went out with a friend of hers and bad things happened. So she showed me his FaceBook. The cover is saying bad things about the cops and his picture wasn’t much better. And all I could think was, “What a jackass.” This speculation was confirmed. I’m not just a judgmental bastard (generally). But how many people have you seen on FaceBook, and all you could think was “Really? This is how you want the world to perceive you?” It says a lot about a people, but it seems like we don’t really pay attention to it. We shrug it off until we realize, “Holy crap, that really is who this person is!”

When I saw this guy’s picture and thought about some of the other FaceBooks I’ve judged (don’t be that way, you’ve done it too), I thought about mine. What do people think about me when they see my page but don’t know me? When they aren’t a friend? What’s my first impression.

My cover page:

My Photo:

What did I learn about myself? I’m a nerd. When people see my FaceBook, they see a complete and utter dork. I’m okay with that. Did I mention I’m going to win this year?

So then I thought, this is only a recent development. What else would people see?!

Last cover:

I’m a worldly man who has traveled many places and therefore is sexy. Or at least has gone to Antigua. Some Tough Mudder. Guild Wars 2, Lambeau Field, and then pretty much Guild Wars 2. I had other covers. They were deleted, but painted a very different picture of who I was and cut up some of the GW2 photos. So pretty much I’m a huge geek. Who did Tough Mudder. This is awesome!

Last Photo:

Okay, I lied. This is going two back. The last one was Guatemala. This is Tough Mudder. There were a lot of deleted FaceBook photos. Several confidence builder photos as I lost weight and did cool things, like play on a washboard with a spoon. A few video game pictures. One of me with Hello Kitty and another with me playing with a barrel of monkeys. I’m a nerd.

From looking at my FaceBook at the things others can check, I realized I’m a huge geek who loves what he does and isn’t afraid to express it. I’ve also seen that in the past month I’ve experienced new things. I hope to keep this up. At the end of the day, though, I like who I am. I never truly analyzed myself on FaceBook. At least based on this. Going to the world view posts, I think I have some emo songs from like two years ago you could see and a few Game of Thrones references. But at the end of the day, I like this person.

Now if you actually friended me, things get weird. I have an awesome sense of humor. With that said, I leave you with this:

And that’s why spelling matters. Have a great night!

4 Comments on “I’m Glad FaceBook Makes Me Look Like a Nerd

  1. I’ve never really thought about it, but now that I do I’d say my cover and profile pics basically sum up everything anyone needs to know about me.

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