Wake up with a stuffed nose. Blow it til crimson flows. The blood dyes paper then clots, and as I lay down, as I ponder the past I try to forget and the future which never is, I feel the thick, swollen cells and plasma flow down the back of my throat and I nearly vomit, retching repeatedly.

Tomorrow I really become an adult! Or today? I get to move into my new apartment. The one I’ll have all on my own. Where every sound is amplified because they’re made by complete strangers. Great way to start Halloween. While I’m finally finding it in me to embrace the solitude, living on my own is still something that creeps me out. However, as I’ll say in an upcoming post, I haven’t found anyone worth giving up the freedom of decorating as I see fit, so I will not compromise just to have someone near by.

Happy Halloween, and Nano in a day! Get your writing equipment ready. I also received the Guatemala pictures, so blogs to come consist of talking about my new apartment and how it’ll center around role playing, board games, video games, and writing (I’m getting a drawing board to make my maps and story boards). Enjoy your Thursday! Don’t bleed out.

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