NaNoWriMo is about Commitment, not Interest

I was going to be lazy. I had a rough end of the day. I’ve been watching TV and pondering sleep. After looking through FaceBook and seeing this, I remembered something: I want writing to be more than an interest.

Nano is about commitment, not interest. Love your work. Love it with all you have and get it done! Time to get in my 1667 words. Or 2000? I think I can do 2000. So can you. Have a great Friday night!

7 Comments on “NaNoWriMo is about Commitment, not Interest

    • 1991 words?! Grrr. I’ll try. So tired and don’t really have a writing area. I know…excuses. The flesh is weak. And so is the mind. Right now there is nothing willing about this.

      • It’s all about just sitting down and starting. Once you do, you won’t be able to stop. And when you do stop, do so at a place where you WANT to keep going. It’ll get you more in the mood tomorrow. 🙂
        Have fun and just do it, like Nike says!

    • It’s been a rough start. Tomorrow I have four hours at a library dedicated to it…while I’m surrounded by pretty girls. On the flip side my apartment is looking epic! 😀

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