Forest Gump Lessons

I just moved into a new apartment. Today it seems I had to get used to the apartment, as I was a little I’ll. As the day went on I became more set on making the apartment the geek haven I so desired. In doing so, I went home to gather supplies. Mom and dad were watching “Forest Gump.”

No doubt we’ve all seen this movie, or are at least familiar with “Run, Forest, run!” It’s a story of a mentally handicapped boy who goes through several eras of American history, and perseveres through his ignorance using optimism, hope, and a good attitude.

Many times in the movie Forest is pointed at as a slow kid, a dumb boy, not quite rit in the head, and so on. When he’s faced with hate, confusion, malice, or simple bad luck, he always responds the same way. The way of Gump is my focus here. The way of Gump is bliss in ignorance.

When rocks are thrown at him as a child, he endures. If not for Jenny yelling at him, he likely would have staid there until he as dead or they were bored. In college football, he needed them to tell him to run and stop, otherwise he wouldn’t start and he wouldn’t stop. In the military he was called a genius for his ability to do as he was told without question, hesitation, or signs of fear.

Despite his simplicity, he was led by a good heart. If Jenny was being injured, perceived or real, Forest ran to her aid. When his friends were being shot at in Vietnam, he could have run away, but he came back to help them. He was friendly to everyone and would go along with anyone. Even if people said he as crazy or stupid.

In his stupidity, in his inability to think at a “higher” level, he was able to love at a higher level. He loved Jenny through multiple incidents where she did not deserve it. He loved Lt. Dan, though Dan berated him, and in time he helped the crippled man regain his self worth. He loved Bubba to the point of giving away a fortune to his family due to a promise. I would train the mind of the intellect for the mind of the unregretting lover. The lover that is not physical, but dedicated and emotional. I believe I have a great capacity for love, but nothing in comparison to Mr. Gump.

Such a love does far more than we realize. Gump inspired countless people with his ability to talk and listen. He gave hope to those without it because no matter the moment, he went forth bravely. Even at war, he seemed calm when he went to rescue his friends, yet later he admitted how scared he was. His love was unfailing, even in love.

Remember that. When you love others, when you approach life with unfaulting optimism, you inspire others to those same levels. So love and be hopeful. Take the world and push it by doing great things, such as loving.

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