NaNoWriMo – Why?

Most my previous writing buddies in NaNoWriMo didn’t even try this year. There was too much going on in life. They’re adults. How do I have so much time on my hands? The list goes on. But it boils down to obviously I’m insane, have too much time, and will make nothing of myself.

I do this to prove I can do something amazing with myself. There is so much wasted time in our day to day. We spend it drinking, partying, playing video games, watching TV, or any number of other immensely wasteful activities. Dating is on that list for me as well, but to be honest it’s only on that list as I cling to anything I can consider a bonus of my situation. On the other hand, I really dedicate a lot of my time and efforts to my girlfriend, so this really wouldn’t be feasible.

What am I trying to say incoherently at 1:20 am? I’m trying to say I’m doing this because I am insane, I want to accomplish something, and this is what it is. Some people want to watch record amounts of TV, read vast volumes of novels, know every movie out there, keep close tabs on celebrity gossip, train monkeys to communicate, or whatever else. Writing a great novel is mine. I look forward to completing it. And then for getting published. It’s all good. This is the path I’m taking, and, while a little delirious currently, it’s a beautiful thing. God has blessed me richly. Okay…sleep time.

Oh, and 45,000 words. I’ll finish the last 5,000 tomorrow.

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