NaNo Last Week

It’s here. As I sit here, a very unfulfilling weekend behind me as far as work ethic, I’m only 3300 words away. That’s an average of 464 words a day from here on out. Tomorrow I am working out, but I hope to get in another thousand or so. Tuesday is a busy day, but hopefully again a thousand. Wednesday I want this done. I want it wrapped up with a bow and pushed aside. I want my editing for my novel to commence. I want to preorder that victory t shirt so I can wear it with such pride people’s retinas will give out due to the sheer brilliance. Except now I can’t find where to order it. I’ll dig into that shortly, since I’ll have all this time on my hands since I won’t be trying to finish a novel!

To all you out there writing your novel, congrats. If you succeeded, that’s awesome. You did something ridiculous. If you didn’t succeed, congrats. You started something most people are too scared to attempt. God bless going forward. Continue doing great things. Look forward to seeing you all next year.

Yep, pretty much my victory lap. I have a super busy next few days, so I likely won’t be writing real often on here. I get to see my niece and nephew, play board games with family, and eat a delicious turkey. If that’s not awesome, just don’t know what is. My anger has also (mostly) left me. There’s just a gap of nothing, which I’ll take it. I feel content where I’m at. I pray you’re doing pretty well yourself!

God bless


5 Comments on “NaNo Last Week

  1. Dang, I’m impressed by all you NaNo finishers– I’m also impressed that you have managed to continue blogging and reading other people as well. What a crazy month you must have had… Time to celebrate with some turkey, yummmmm.

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