NaNoWriMo – Victory



You’re seeing that right. I’ve never won. I’ve never seen beyond the pearly gate. Now I have. It’s marvelous. My final word count, thanks to some trite dialogue when I hit 49,999 and couldn’t think of what to write, is 50,086 words. I will slash this manuscript like nothing else, add a great deal, and break some scenes so they can grow in the right locations, but the foundation is done. I’ve laid out the manure and now the fields of prosperity can ripen!

In 25 days, I’ve beaten NaNoWriMo. It only took me three failed attempts.

Good luck on your word counts out there! I hope they’re going well and you’re doing awesome things, no matter where you’re at. Remember, I failed three times. I’m going to bed now.



10 Comments on “NaNoWriMo – Victory

  1. YAY! *throws confetti* I knew you were working extra hard to get done before Wednesday. Quite an accomplishment! I hope to get to know more about this story of yours. It sounded pretty epic from what you’ve told me. 😉


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  3. Way to go Paul! You are an example of persistence paying off. I failed last year on my first attempt, but managed to squeeze through this year. It’s certainly a good feeling.

    • It really is! Congrats to you as well. I was sort of hoping to squeeze through. It’s a better build up when you’re in that final hour or two, typing furiously and then hitting validate with all your might. “Register it, you fool!” Anyway! Congrats and thanks! 🙂

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