Trumpets and Wolves

Red locks fell down the shoulders of the voluptious songbird. Her hourglass form was starkly defined with a tight black dress and elbow length gloves against a white background. A band played, the brass and strings barely noted next to her robust vocals. Every man in the room sat on the edge of his chair, taking in the tickling upon their eardrums, wolves eyeing up a doe-eyed broad.

Hazel eyes watched each man keenly, brushing over the contemptuous gaze of wives and main squeezes. Then he caught her eye. Mickey sat in the front row, jaw agape as all the other boys, but still capable of leaning back in his chair. The vigorous notes were not yet able to make him rise, as they had the others.

She walked down the stairs, four in total, putting distance between her and the flock of men accompanying her with string and brass. Everyone but Mickey fidgetted. His suit and pants were pinstripe. It fit his slim form well. A fedora matched, and his white shirt was contrasted with a black tie. Wingtipped shoes were glssy enough to see her reflection.

The dame approached Mickey and finally he leaned over, face red. He coughed and loosened his collar. Slowly, she motioned with her index and middle finger for him to stand. He looked to his left and right, the goons at his table grinning and telling him to get over before the vixen picked better prey.

The man stood. He was taller than her. With a tip of his hat, he winked, though the red never left his cheeks. “Ma’am.”

“Ma’am? I’m fingering you to come. I’m not sure I’m anything proper.” The men howled. Mickey turned a deeper red, hiding it best he could under his fedora.

She grabbed him by the tie, wrapping it around her hand several times, bringing him in until his lips were a breath away from hers. She whispered, and it caused Mickey to shudder and poke her just below her belly button. “Aren’t you going to kiss me, wise guy?”

The bright color left his face and he grinned. “You bet, toots.” He pulled her in by the waist, spun her until her back was two feet from the ground, and kissed her hard, tongue breaching her lips. Her breath caught and her stomach turned.

When he stood her back up with a wink, she took a moment to take in the taste and feel of him, steadying her legs as the room started to spin. The room burst into applause and cat calls. Then, managing her crooked smile, she said, “I think I’m done for the night, boys. This man is going to buy me a drink and take me home. But no drink.”

She wrapped her arm around his, and the two stepped out of the club.

Really want to wear my vest and tie to a nice speak easy. I wonder if there even are places like this anymore. Anyone want to pull my tie? 😛

2 Comments on “Trumpets and Wolves

  1. This made me giggle. ^////^ I’ll pull your tie. 😉 I don’t have red hair (mine is a dark brown), but I do have hazel eyes!


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