Post Coital with NaNoWriMo

I wish I had a cigarette for this. Or that I smoked. Maybe I’ll bust out the pipe.

The plan has been to write K&A. Go scene by scene, destroying it, but every time I look at the computer, I get that bliss. You know, the one after you read a book, but multiply it by a hundred. A satiated sigh escapes my lips, and I just want to roll over in bed and pull out my stogie, smoking it up as I take in the awesomeness that is me.

Don’t take this the wrong way. I understand I left a sloppy mess next to me, exhausted and shivering. But being an author is like being the lover a woman truly deserves: now I go back and cuddle. I talk to her and ask how her day was. I even offer to change the sheets or switch places if things really got out of hand. I know that my manuscript and I are not entirely satisfied and that there’s more than the marathon literary sex known as NaNoWriMo. As we were told in Theology class, sex is a very small part of a relationship. I need to find out what she likes and take her out to dinner. I need to massage the scenes into perfection and gaze upon her each night like it’s the first so I can fully understand where the magic comes from. The words can’t lose their passion. The thoughts can’t lose their originality. I can’t lose my vigor.

But baby, I need to finish things with my last lover. I jumped into bed for an amazing month, but K&A wearing the ring. She’s over 100,000 words, and will likely be over 110,000 when our romance is concluded. Sure the steps are usually the same. Now and then I come home with fresh ideas and new words, the fire sweeping over us once more, but the sessions for editing are the same steps over and over again. We know each other inside and out, how to push each other’s buttons, how to fight and apologize, how to make love and how to loathe each other. The cycle is there and will continue until I can finally tell her “Sweetheart, it’s over. We’ve done what we can for each other, and it’s time for me to release you into the world. Goodbye.”

Watching my niece and nephew has really helped revitalize K&A, though. My baby scenes had been lacking, but playing dad has helped. As my parents and siblings abandoned me, they handed me my niece and said “Here you go. Oh, and watch your nephew, too. He’s running around somewhere.” I finally changed diapers on my own. My godchild (nephew) realized I was out of my league, so he helped me. He took off his diaper (after I got him on the table, or this is actually a tragedy) and then helped put on the new one. He’s two.

I told my niece a story at bedtime. Just made it up based on her pajamas. She rode a pink elephant, made a turtle friend, and had to cross a bridge past a lion. The turtle, a trusted adviser, said to give him up to the lion. Soon the turtle came back because the lion couldn’t eat him. I want to be a dad. So so badly. That or to live near my niece and nephew so I could see them almost daily. Because of these moments, I have a much better idea of the scenes involving Kelst and Ayne’s babies, which were pretty much glossed over previously.

Perhaps that’s the love I need with K&A now. I need the love of a mature father who can no longer throw everything up into the air. He can no longer love wildly and with abandon, but must be nurturing and caring. The great part about being an author is I can still have an affairs and no one judges.

In the coming days, I really plan on hitting how I’m editing. My bachelor pad is set up with three stations for me to edit at. One will be for note cards to keep track of people and places. Another will be for my map so I can sketch that out to give me a concrete country. The final will be the station where I have my copy and laptop set up to actually write the edits. So look forward to that or dread it.

I pray your NaNo is looking good. Tomorrow is it. Write like the world will blow up. Either way, awesome work and love your manuscript with all you are. If you do, she’ll love you back just as hard and you’ll definitely be changing the sheets before bed, no matter how long you were actually able to stick around.

How do you feel after finishing a book or novel? Can you cheat on them or do you remain committed? If you do other artistic endeavors, how do you feel after finishing those?

7 Comments on “Post Coital with NaNoWriMo

  1. I love how you described the relationship with a manuscript! There is a quote out there somewhere… that talks about how a book is a courtship… a lover…a bride in the honeymoon stage… then a nagging wife and eventually a horrible shrew or something. It’s very true! And just like a relationship you have to remember those blissful moments from early on so that you can soldier on through the rest 😉

    • Haha thanks. Yes, definitely. Actually wrote out a thousand words tonight 🙂 Feeling good. Time to get this crap published.

  2. Oh wow! Your set up for editing is so much more sophisticated than mine! Then again, I’m only writing fanfiction, so the world I’m writing is already set up with great information sites created by dedicated fans who came before me. My sis has her own method involving notes and doodles. One of the things she did was roleplay with her best friend for years and years with their own original characters using it as a way to develop them. I only got to hear about a fraction of the actual madness that went on! XD

    I tend to keep a lot in my own head, then write them out when I feel confident enough. Since I’m being episodic in my approach where I just work mostly on one story arc at a time, if I have specific ideas or scenes for the future, I just type out what I can and set it aside. I do have an overall storyline, but I allow big holes for me to fill as I get to them. It’s like going on a journey where you know where you’ll eventually end up and what your goal is, but everything else between the beginning and end is nothing more than a general list of obstacles that you’ll just have to tackle as you get to them. I think it also allows the characters to really grow over time. You don’t know which direction they’re thinking will take at each turn until you have to actually deal with it. I’ve added and cut out a lot of things during the whole process. There are times were you get a brilliant idea on how to shape the end and recieve another piece of the puzzle to help you get there. Sometimes you just get totally stuck. I’m currently sputtering at a slow pace, but it’s moving. I’m about to hit a huge turning point in my story, and I’m really excited to see how the characters specifically handle the situation. I don’t think any of my other artistic pursuits have ever been this intense, except for music. I’m very auditory, and it’s the best way I process new information or remember things. Many of my scenes literally start out a pure dialogue, then I go back an fill in the gaps. I can hear the characters talking and how they say the words in my head.

    Babies can be a real inspiration. I have the children of my cousins to dote on every Christmas, but it’s been years since I’ve changed a diaper (I worked in a daycare for a couple of years right out of high school). I also have a baby in my story, and I have to go back through what I’ve experienced to keep it real.

    I desperately want to be a parent too. I’m rather disappointed that I don’t have any at my age, and that my mom never got to live long enough to see me or my sis marry or have children. I’m quite the homemaker, and people are always surprised that I’m not married or have a boyfriend. I’m the oldest of all but two of my cousins (I have a lot of them), but I’m the only one who hasn’t had a serious relationship. I seem to have more luck with the long-distance type of which I only had one. Had a couple of creepy stalkers though. The one thing I promised myself was to never become a single mom and deprive my children of their father, so that means I have to be patient. Pretty hard to do sometimes.

    I had to laugh at you describing your story as a lover. I can certainly identify with that! XD We do a TON of pillow talk! Best relationship I’ve ever had. Too bad I can’t marry it.


    • That does help with the fan fics with the world already being there. I’m not sure in a lot of cases how people go about writing up their setting or keeping it straight. I know note cards are used massively, or similar things, like sticky notes. Having a catalogue of needed information should help a lot.

      Relationships suck, too. You’ll find a guy. Just keep hitting those anime conventions 😉 Until then, those relationships with books can really fill the void when we let it take over. 🙂

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