Culvers and Baby Crazy

I sat at Culvers with my coworker and friend. We ate and spoke, but on the other side of our booth was a mother with her child. “Mom, I want coal for Christmas.”

“Is that so?” She chuckled a little, obviously surprised. Perhaps the child knew what he was getting already.

“Yep. Then I can make Frosty the Snowman. I need two pieces of coal for his eyes. And then a carrot. But we already have that.”

She laughed more. I was laughing. My friend was speaking, but I wasn’t listening. The mom said, “You listened to that song really well, sweetie, but you don’t want coal for Christmas.”

“Why not?”

“Usually coal means you were a bad boy.”

“Oh. Maybe not coal. But can we get some coal?”

My face was red by now, holding back. The mom said, “When it snows, we’ll see.”

I looked at Joel, “I want a kid.”

“Well you can always get one, but you’ll spend time in jail.”

“No. Not like that. I need to put a child in someone.” There were three cute women in the area. “Like, any one of them. I mean, it’d be quick. They don’t need to stick around. I’ll raise him on my own. Maybe tomorrow.” I glowered and looked at my root beer. “I really want a kid.”

Anyone else baby crazy? Where you see an adorable child and you’re like, “Where’s someone to procreate with?!” Anyone want to make an awesome kid with me? Please. I didn’t think men were supposed to get baby crazy…. What makes you want kids or not want them?

13 Comments on “Culvers and Baby Crazy

  1. I’ve actually never wanted kids (and I’m 23 right now). I’m good with kids, I can work with kids, but I just never wanted any. I’ve got the “mothering instinct”, but with the health problems in my family I don’t want to give a child any of that or put one through what I’ve been through (like losing 3 grandparents before I turned 22 years old, growing up around funerals).

    I’ll admit there are times it doesn’t sound too bad to have kids, but I’d rather be able to spoil little cousins (I have no siblings unless you count friends) and then send them home with sugar highs. 😉

    • This is definitely fun as well! I do it with my nephew. Though too young for the sugar. I just teach him how to do all the things his mom tells him not to do. Like climbing barriers, getting into locked cabinets, etc. Still working on the crib. Praying things get better. Adoption? I’ve debated mentoring. I know it’s not the same, but it allows me to help a kid out, which ultimately is what I’m yearning for.

      • I’ve thought about adoption and that sounds like my better bet, really. There’s also weird hours I work and when I’d be able to get things done.

        I act as mentor/role model for different kids who come in to where I work (public library) and for friends who are younger than me (like one young poet I met who’s around 14-16) and I adore it. There’s always the Big Brothers Big Sisters program too if you want to help with that. 🙂 I’ve got coworkers who are involved with it and they love it!

  2. LOL, I know the feeling, Honey. 😉 Most of my cousins have kids now, but I rarely see them. On the rare occasions I get to see them, I feel like the odd one out (the other cousins who don’t have kids are either still in high school or just started college). Even my sister has found someone to procreate with, though I’m sure she’s determined to wait a couple of years first.

    I think I would be the best with raising girls. I’m very domestic and would love to pass that on (though boys could find these skills useful too!) There’s just something about leaving a legacy, a piece of yourself behind when you depart from this earth. I also believe that children should be the product of love, not created to be someone’s welfare check or a piece of cute arm candy for selfish adults. Yeah, I’ve had the baby fever for years.

    As for making babies WITH you (I can’t stop giggling while typing this), weeeeeell there seems to be a geographical barrier between us. Can’t procreate with someone several states away with plenty of nasty winter weather making travel pretty scary to say the least. 😉 Such a shame. It’s supposed to get even worse tonight, and there’s nothing like having another human being to snuggle up with! Cabin fever is not fun to catch when your alone.


    • Yea I heard Texas is pretty nasty right now. Have another friend out there who was complaining about it. Stay warm. And thanks for the offerv;)

  3. Cute and/or amusing kids always get a smile. I’ve added my two kids to the world population, and their combined antics ensure that there are no plans for a third =p

  4. Kids are great and adorable, but definitely a team effort. My sister has twins and when their father left my family really stepped in. It’s hard, but worth it and I love them so much.

    • Ah! Nieces and nephews are awesome 😀 My niece is getting an N7 onesie and my nephew is getting a tool station. That’s really awesome you guys stepped in.

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