I got a new vacuum cleaner for my birthday and Christmas. It’s a Shark. Not quite a Dyson, but I won’t be complaining. It does what I need it to do. But as I was looking at the box, reading the instructions (after I put it together, what type of man do you take me for?!), I realized something horribly sexist: there are only pictures of women.

Yes, I saw the contradiction in the last paragraph. Let’s move past that. I’m excited to have this vacuum cleaner. My apartment will be beautiful and clean, and that makes me happy. I can’t wait to go home tonight and vacuum. Or tomorrow. More than likely tomorrow. So why are there no men? What happened in this age of feminism and sex equality that we only show women vacuuming? And where are the children? As a child, my brothers and I were the primary source of vacuuming. Where is the teenager, doing his chores as a good boy?

Ultimately in our world of equality, why are house chores still done by women? In my perfect world I’ll be the at home dad, while the woman brings home the bacon. I’ll cook and clean, watch the children and write novels, help with homework and workout. We need to promote gender equality so I can have my sugar mamma! So write to your local vacuum cleaner. Tell them to have men cleaning the carpets and raising kids. Can’t let the teens get lazy, so promote that too.


  1. LOL! So was that what you were doing Saturday night? Ironic. I remember asking when your birthday was just this past weekend! XD Amazing timing.


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