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I was supposed to have a date over the other night and she cancelled. The upside is my apartment looks awesome! So I took some pictures. I do still need a couch for my living room, but otherwise things are coming along beautifully.

My apartment is focused on the best possible situation for me to write in. It comes fully equipped with several stations to increase my productivity and creativity. Funny thing, if it helps creativity, it rarely helps productivity.

I make maps...UNDER a map! Inspired!
I make maps…UNDER a map! Inspired!

This is my sketching board. It’s actually my sister-in-laws, but they have no room at their inn for it, so now I have it. I will draw my maps here and do some of my edits here. It even comes with stationary underneath and a yoga ball! Because at a point you need to stretch more than just your mind. And I’m getting fat again.

The map is of Morrowind, the third Elder Scrolls. Because what’s a geeky fantasy room without such maps? I really need to find a map of Middle Earth.

My "creativity" center!
My “creativity” center!

My bookshelves, fit to burst, TV, PS3 is on (currently watching the original Star Trek, and didn’t realize it all started with Pike), and my trinkets are all lined up. It’s gorgeous. However, when I use my “creativity” center, my productivity is pretty much useless.

My productive center!
My productive center!

With a map of Cyrodiil, an awesome looking clock, and a painting a student gave me from her mission trip, here is where I get stuff done. Oh, and to the way right is my little are for board games and the map for Assassin’s Creed. My regeneration center is around that corner (also known as a kitchen). The booth is epic, too. Has two mermaids swimming around an emblem.

That’s my epic space, and it’s just the living room. But it is pretty much set up to help me with my writing. There’s a large wall in my bedroom where I plan on putting a large piece of cardboard. There will be a map of everything on it, where the drawing board is only individual regions.

So that’s my one third tour of my apartment. It looks awesome. Time to actually get to work.

10 Comments on “Where I Work

  1. Hahaha it’s so true that you scrub your house and tidy everything up right before someone new sees it… hopefully you can maintain your cleanliness for next time!
    I don’t have a couch either…. my house is entirely set up for creative pursuits… and for a hermit. My poor boyfriend is willing to slump it up and sit on the floor or bed when he comes over…

      • Writing, painting, writing, painting, writing, painting. Every damn room of the house, it’s ridiculous πŸ™‚

      • Where are these paintings?! You’ve already very much so proven your writing ability. You should show off your art some time. But it sounds epic.

      • Ahh…. *shy* I’m not much of a painter… just enjoy doing it as a break from writing.. My 2nd oldest brother is crazy talented though… Maybe I’ll blog about HIS art, haha

  2. Paul, open yourself to the possibility that what you do creatively adds to your productivity. I, too, sometimes feel frustrated that I don’t “produce” what I think I “should” during the day. Yet, as I discipline myself to put up notes from creative work – reading, listening, or other pursuits and studies – I find “aha” moments when those notes will fit perfectly into what I’m writing.

    • I like that πŸ˜‰ There are moments like that, and I do understand I need to allow those moments. The issue is lately I’ve been letting video games take over. While I find some moments to take from them, I don’t get out of them near what I put into them. πŸ˜› Thanks for the motivation, though! It is true that not all “creative” moments detract from production. Produce well πŸ™‚

  3. Hum…interesting to get a mental image of your creative space. Regeneration center…funny. Mermaids, assassins, Middle Earth, sketches, bookshelves, drafting table, yoga ball~ yup~ that would do thetrick!
    ~~~> F

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