My Niece is N7 Approved

Hit them when they're young.
Hit them when they’re young.

This is for my niece. So far she has looked exceptionally girly. There have been flowers on her head band and pink. She has been given decisively girly clothing. I refuse to aid her in this. I refuse to make her girly. No doubt she will be spoiled enough, and she will be treated like a princess. But she will be treated like a battle princess. When boys see her in the hall, if her uncle has any influence, they won’t be whispering Disney names. They’ll tremble and kneel down, begging Valkyrie to not claim them that day.

She will be dragon queen.
She will be dragon queen.

I plan on buying her dragon eggs when she gets a little older. Lets face it, Game of Thrones will be around a while. I’m also going to get her a onesie, likely for her first birthday, that says “I’m not a princess, I’m a Khaleesi.” She will own a blaster at the age of five and I’ll teacher her to fight with a lightsaber at the age of seven. Her brother will wonder if I’ve revived the Sith.

So I’m excited. I know she’ll get her dosage of girly things, but I want to make sure she also gets her dosage of nerd stuff. At some point my brother and I will be taking them to GenCon, dressing them up as Jawa or something.

Christmas can’t come fast enough.

7 Comments on “My Niece is N7 Approved

  1. You go! I’m always pushing for people to not stick to gender/sex stereotypes. It’s great to see that you’re helping make sure she gets some needed doses of geek culture.

    • I thought so! πŸ˜€ I’m excited to see her wearing it. My dad (Grandpa) was not happy with it. He thinks my sister in law won’t let it slide. Fortunately she’s the sweetest lady int he world and suffers my fancies. My brother on the other hand loves it.

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