I’m playing Dragon Age and something struck me. While in Redcliffe, you fight off a horde of undead and win. I spoke with a dwarf who fought alongside me and said “Well go celebrate. You won, right? You’re a hero, or something.”

You went to a village besieged by the undead night after night. Villagers were carted off, their screams the last thing anyone knew of them. Then you showed up and you slaughtered the endless waves of desiccated animated corpses.

That’s when the dwarf states this. But the truth is you have no time to celebrate. There’s no mead hall waiting for you, because the undead will not slow down. You destroyed that wave, but others are coming and you only have until nightfall to invade the castle and figure out how to stop it permanently. Which consisted of me having to kill a demon possessed child. I could have saved the child, but that would add at least an hour to finishing my quest.

Why am I talking about the awkwardness of a video game hero, where they go from one great deed to another, as the world will not wait for them to indulge themselves? Because I’m wondering why we don’t live that way. I guess, more I’m wondering why I don’t live that way. I hope you live that way, but I really can’t preach to your or expect it unless I do it.

GRRM once said, in response to the Song of Ice and Fire video game, that he refused to play it. When asked if he didn’t like video games, he said that wasn’t it at all. He enjoyed them too much. More than likely, two books were lost in his video game playing days. He could be done with Song of Ice and Fire if he just lived heroically, instead of getting caught up on the revelry of self indulgence.

While I play Dragon Age, I feel there is a certain lesson to learn from this dwarf talking about celebration. I’m not going to take the path of Martin. I’ve learned too much through some video games, and it is a bonding time for my brothers and me. But I need to stop wasting time on them. When I get home, they shouldn’t be a priority. Yesterday I created a list of things which I have to do. Video games need to be dessert, the treat I get for finishing everything I had planned. Not the foundation of sanity they had been.

I pray you live heroically and bless the world endlessly with your amazing talents! Trust me, they’re amazing.

PS: Last post for EDDD! 😀 December is finished! Happy New Year!

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