State Pride

This article is great if you’re trying to understand why Wisconsinites are so inclined to love their state.

There is one missing: Summerfest. It is the largest music festival (based on number of bands) in the world. No the US. Not North America. The entire world. It’s something like 600 bands. You pay an entrance fee, and there is one band a night that is so big you have to pay extra to see them. I think this greatly helps with what I really wanted to talk about, and that’s our alcohol consumption.

Wisconsin doesn’t count as a state when it comes to alcohol consumption. It ranks up there with countries. Not just that, but every report I’ve seen puts it in the top three. In this one, we’re number one, ahead of Ireland and Finland. In another, we were second place to either Ireland or Germany. I can’t remember. The other was third place.

I was talking to a guy who worked for a Chicago brewery. They had three floors of kegs. Two were for the US. One was for Wisconsin. Think of that. This national brewery devotes a third of their stock to my beautifully frozen over state. -45 on Monday with windchill. -15 without it. It gets up to like 10 after that. Heat wave.

I feel I don’t contribute as much as I should. I don’t like beer. I did go through a fair amount of hard alcohol previously, but that’s dulled. It makes me a little sad. However, my wallet and stomach both love me for it.

Anyway, Wisconsin is amazing. We love our alcohol, we make up festivals just to give us something to do, and we cook yummy food. If you’re interested in coming on up here, let me know. But I really do suggest summer.

13 Comments on “State Pride

  1. Hmm… I might just take you up on that one day – coming down there that is. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I don’t believe we have the same sort of pride in our individual provinces here in Canada as you have for your states. Except maybe Quebec. But they want to leave Canada, so … yeah.

    • It’s due to the way we were colonized. Even after the American Revolutionary War, the Articles of Confederation really highlighted a deep divide between the states and the way we wanted the country to run. Even in our constitution, the rule is if it’s not spoken of in the constitution, each state should govern it on their own. Nearly 250 years later, the majority wants an overwhelmingly powerful central government which hamstrings state rights. Oops, my bias is showing.

      • Our provinces are always looking for more money from the federal government as well, For the most part we just sit back and tip back our Molson’s and say, “whatever, eh?”

      • Depending on state, we’re a little more volatile. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Wisconsin has been nice for this, too, though. We’ve been relying less and less on fed money while being one of two or three states that can make good on 100% of our financial promises. A lot of states are under 50%.

        What are Molson’s, btw?

      • Nice. Are they good? Will have to look into them. Usually not a beer drinker, but I find other countries have a more refined definition of beer. A little less pissing in a cup and carbonating it (Looking at you Bud and Miller!).

      • Haha. Molson Export is one of the strongest beers we make here. I don’t like it, personally. Thing is, unless it’s actually imported from Canada, you probably won’t see much of a difference. The best way to know is to check the alcohol content. I think ours is still higher than yours in general.

      • Everyone has a higher apv than we do for our beer. A few of our local micro brews get pretty high, but in general we’re stuck around 6. Until a few years ago, that would be called a soft drink in Germany.

      • Haha! Yeah. When I went to Japan I was amazed to see vending machines on the sidewalks with beer in them.

  2. Wow, and I thought Texans were big beer drinkers (I don’t like beer, I’m a wino. XD Oh, and vodka!). I think I know now where my cousin developed her drinking habits. She lived up north for a while.


    • We party pretty hard. We almost universally have more bars than grocery stores. I think there are like two or three counties that don’t live up to this.

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