Blink Fiction – January

So this is ridiculous. Hey, tired of flash fiction which makes you write a story in a thousand words? Increase to blink fiction! The idea is 100 words or fewer. The challenge given at High Fantasy Addict was 15 words with the keyword time. Check out the site and maybe write your own.

While speculative fiction (a genre I’m still partially trying to wrap my head around) is given bonus points, I wasn’t sure how to write speculative fiction in 15 words. I went with the story as old as time. As old as jealousy, infidelity, pain, lust. Here it is.

The clock said quarter to, but her husband was early and killed her lover.

4 Comments on “Blink Fiction – January

  1. Hmm, it’s kind of like a haiku. I used to do a ton of those for my favorite anime shows. I had responsive haikus (where you would have two or more people talking) and monologue haikus (getting in a character’s head). I know, I’m making those up. Had a lot of fun though. I miss doing poetry. I wasn’t eloquent, but it was still an entertaining challenge. Found poetry was one of my other favorites. One time, I did a found poem using the sayings I found off of avatars for a Fullmetal Alchemist character I collected (I used to collect a TON of avatars from a lot of shows). I think it was Envy. My writing teacher got a real kick out of it! I need to dig it out and put it up somewhere, where FMA fans could enjoy it.

    Anyways, I came up with a blink fic, but I don’t know if it would be good enough:

    The girl exchanged her soul for a wicked romance. Her arms emptied. She was empty.

    Oi, too much exposure to romance novels. That and the fact that the stores I teach crochet in had their Valentines and St. Patty’s stuff out the day after Christmas! I get to stare at it all weekend while doing demos and teaching classes, producing interesting hallucinations of tragic love (the cheery colors get to me). The lady who does demonstrations for paper crafts was messing around with the Valentines stuff last Saturday. She made a custom Valentine card for me with these decorative stamps on the front. One had a typwriter on it. :3 It’s blank on the inside with a pretty border. Don’t know what I’ll write in it yet.

    In case you haven’t noticed, I tend to babel. 😛 I’m still up to a writing race with you. I just want to wait to see if I have a job tomorrow.


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