Welcome to Hoth

We might start learning about this later today in Wisconsin!
We might start learning about this later today in Wisconsin!

My car read -13. It’s -40 with windchill. We are as cold as Hoth.

I was mildly disappointed when I stepped outside, however. I didn’t feel like a popsicle. I felt pretty good in the cold.

However, my car disagreed with me plenty. Every time I tried to break it was very reactive. I stopped in a hurry. It felt very strange. My digital display had streaks and any time you altered the display it would have the previous notes frozen into it for a good while. My car hates this weather.

I let it warm up for about five minutes. From what I could tell, it wanted longer. The engine sounded a bit strained, like a child with asthma breathing after running a few miles. But I made it to work.

The roads are fairly ridiculous too. They’re frozen. It didn’t matter if there was anything on the road, like an ice mage it just conjured up what little moisture was in the air around it, and stuck it to the surface. Turning onto the highway, not a bit of build up in sight, I was skidding. It was exciting. I still cruised down the highway at a good haul, at least after I got out of the pinch where a truck and minivan didn’t want to let me in as I merged.

All the schools are shut down today. I wish work was cancelled, but we no longer get those beautiful leisure days. What would I do if I didn’t have to come into work? Workout and do dishes. I’m exciting. Maybe get some actual writing done instead of saying “Of course I’ll write,” then turning on Netflix as “background” noise and becoming all consumed with Captain Kirk and the exploits of the Starship Enterprise. I need to fall back on music like I used to.

Stay warm everyone! I hear Minnesota is making Milwaukee sound warm, but otherwise we’re pretty much as low as it gets.

To that I say, come visit Wisconsin, where if you pee outside it freezes before hitting the ground!


12 Comments on “Welcome to Hoth

  1. Felt sorry for the 49er’s and Packers playing in it last night. But hey, multi-million dollar contracts are mighty motivational in such scenarios =)

    • No kidding. I really thought we’d have them beat on the cold alone. I didn’t watch the game, and glad I didn’t. Rodgers should be scoring more than 20 points.

  2. We also have a snow day! ….so I’m not able to write at all. Maybe I’ll get a nap…if they let me….they being offspring lol

  3. A rare below freezing day in South Texas. Usually I’m warm and relatives in NYC are freezing…but it was above 50 yesterday in NYC. Grrrrrrr or should I say…Brrrrr. 🙂

    • Didn’t NYC just get a snow dump, or was that farther in? Stay warm! I have friends down there complaining about the cold. I laugh and trudge outside, wondering if I’ll ever be seen again 😛

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