Gray sky matches my mind,
Obfuscated and full of gloom.
The freezing temps match my heart,
Frozen without your love.
Here I lay in morning gray,
Cold without your touch.
Maybe someday I’ll know summer.


  1. Someone is calling out,
    Crying for a warmth now long gone.
    I see a man suspended,
    Seemingly still and cold.
    Turn away, or should I pray,
    To break that iced heart?
    Can I bring Summer back to him?

    You WILL know Summer again. Hoping your day gets better. 🙂


      1. You’re welcome. I’m finally getting unstuck on my story. The scene I was having a hard time with was close to what was going on with you, and I felt a bit inspired. It’s funny how pain and sadness can do that. I’ll be posting that poem along with the chapter at Got a couple of friends who are probably not happy with me for being absent for two months! XD I’m daring myself to finish the story before the end of the year.


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