Tepet Ezra, Ringing Bells

I was hoping to get a video up today, but WordPress charges if you want to do it from your phone. Will probably do a video Monday. Enjoy the story!

“You will be engaged to Sesus Rosrick,” her mother, Tepet Syn, told her. It had been nearly ten years since Ezra saw her parents, but they were given leave before a major conflict. They couldn’t tell her any more, but they were proud of their daughter for her many accomplishments and had petitioned the House of Bells to accept her, which they did.

“Yes, mother.” She bowed. It was a strategic alliance. Several marriages were occurring with House Sesus as Tepet prepared for war against the Anathema of old. If the struggle was to last for any length of time, allies would be desperately needed. However, she loved Rosrick, and he loved her, so it was a most fortuitous marriage. “I will do as I need to for the good of the House.”

Her father, Tepet Belin, laughed. “I’ve been home for a week and I can still see the twinkles in your eyes, child.” He kissed her forehead and embraced her. “I may not see you often, but I still know you are marrying for love as much as for House.”

She grinned. After the first day the bitterness had worn off, especially with her father. It was as if they never left. Ezra said, “I heard you’ll fight with Roseblack.”

“Yes,” Belin said. “Ejeva will be there. She’s in the Imperial City right now if you want to meet her. She’s your second cousin, after all.”

“I would love that. But I need to go to the House of Bells soon.”

Syn walked over to her daughter, placing one delicate hand on her shoulder, “You can still get there in time. We’ll charter a ship for you. But we know how you admire your cousin.”

Belin looked away for a while, then cleared his throat, “Also, we have gifts for you, so you are prepared for school.”

Ezra blinked. “Gifts?”

Her father snapped his fingers and a cart came in. The cart was gold gilded with a red velvet pillow on top. On the over sized pillow was a blue jade daiklave. It was four feet long, narrow, with a little bit of a curve, the blade on one side. The flat of the blade had a display of clouds, where the blue jade was etched to make it look white. The hilt was wrapped in leather. She didn’t need them to tell them, though they were going on about the history of this blade. The leather used to wrap the blade was made out of a great bird from long ago, so long ago that the creatures were scaled. It was killed in a hunting trip five centuries ago in the far north, past the Haslanti League. So when the hunter returned, a prominent Dynast of the time belonging to a House long brought low, he had it used for a sword. Sapphires were set into the handle, four on either side, each one as large as a fingernail. The hilt itself was white jade, with cloud designs carved into it.

The Daiklave of Flight. It was used in numerous battles, most in the north. Several Houses and great warriors held the blade, though it never left the Realm. When Tepet was taken as a lover of the Empress, she gifted the blade to him, and he gave it to one of his children. It had only touched five Tepet hands, and now it was Ezra’s.

She interrupted her parents as they went on about the history of the blade, “Why?”

Belin said, “Why what, dear?”

“Why am I getting this daiklave? The Daiklave of Flight has been given to incredible warriors, and I’m only a student.” She walked to the blade and started moving her hands over the intricate design, letting the ridges of the etched clouds play over her fingertips.

“Each warrior was given it when they were nothing more than a student, and each one had the mark of greatness. You have that mark, little dragon.”

She blushed. “Thank you,” she bowed.

“You have one more gift.” Her mother kissed her forehead. “There is a manse in the Imperial City you’re being given. You just need to meditate on it and take the hearth stone. When placed in your sword it will make you strike true, and you will be more difficult to perceive. It’s the Manse of the Shimmering. We’re also giving it to you as a place to stay in the Imperial City if you need to get away. There are already several servants there making it ready for you.”

“When your mother and I leave, you can stay there for a few days before sailing for the Bells. Ilten will be there as well. He’s caring for your library.”

“I have a library!” She spun around. “I can’t believe this.” tears formed and she held both her mother and father tight. “Thank you. It’s amazing. I look forward to joining you in the legion. I’ve missed you both.”

“We miss you too, but be strong.” Syn moved a lock of white hair behind her daughter’s ear. “After this campaign, we’ll be back for some time. We’ll have proven House Tepet is a match for the new Anathema kingdoms appearing. That the Realm is safe in our hands.”

Ezra nodded, “I know.” And the family prepared to leave for the Imperial City.

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