Daily Prompt: Being Nice

Daily prompt is what is the nicest thing you’ve ever done.

I’ve done a few really nice things. I’ve done mission work. I’ve taught kids. I’ve talked to parents of said kids who believe their kids are saints. But there is one moment which really stands out to me.

I was driving to an account in a pretty unsafe area. There was a storm the previous night, and a large branch rested in the road. It was nearly 11am and no one had went out to pick it up. There were several individuals sitting outside a small apartment building, smoking, shirtless, rippled bodies glistening under the summer sun. I was dressed up, shirt and tie, nice shoes, though my car was still the piece of junk I no longer own.

This neighborhood scared me. But I pulled over, got out of my car, and moved the branch off the road. One of the guys smoking nodded to me. I smiled, unsure, nodded back, and proceeded to get into my car again.

I pick this because it wasn’t just going down somewhere to feel good. It was legitimately these people wouldn’t know me. They likely don’t give a damn about that branch, as was evident that they were all of twenty feet away from it but wouldn’t remove it from the road. But I did it. Because someone had to.

16 Comments on “Daily Prompt: Being Nice

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    • As a revolutionary, I must prove that they aren’t needed! But yes, very true. Likely would have waited until a police officer went through. Which wouldn’t be often at all in this area.

      • What type of revolutionary are you? I’m a Libertarian, which mean I believe in having a government, but it should be as small and non-intrusive as possible. Also, I do not believe in any form of violence to achieve those means.

      • I agree with Libertarian. Secretly I’m a responsible anarchist, but it would never work. We’re greedy. Apparently I’m the type that likes moving tree branches to achieve those mean! I don’t know. We haven’t reached real violence, just temper tantrums here and there. The more cool heads, the better chance to walk away from a violent solution.

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