Video Blog 3: Writer’s Block Pt 2

Watch the video! Get inspired! Enjoy. Know that I don’t believe in the power of tarot nor runes. However, I do believe they’re great for coming up with random story ideas.

5 Comments on “Video Blog 3: Writer’s Block Pt 2

  1. That’s a really creative and cool way to get inspired! 😀 Love it – I’m going to have to give that a try. I usually use music when I’m stuck – I build soundtracks for characters and particular scenes. Sometimes I luck out and hear something awesome on the radio, and some lyrics from the song will stand out and inspire me. So this is how I end up working out my writer’s block:

    “Invincible” by Static-X ~
    “…This moment in time / This moment defined / How is it I feel nothing? / Just don’t say goodbye / You say to me / I’m trying to do the right thing / … / All my life I was in the cold / Now I find I feel nothing more / Leave me to learn / Leave me to hurt / Now I’m not so invincible…”

    I wanted to build a race of people who are created without emotion, and this helped inspire all the little details that I was having trouble fitting together to make it work. Eventually they go through something called the biranij (“epiphany” – triggered by a big event), and they are suddenly able to feel. It’s an overwhelming and extremely dangerous experience for them (and those around them), especially because they carry the largest burden of power (magic) between the races – and they can be easily drawn into the dark side of magic if they don’t learn to control their new emotions. This is for one of those people who has just begun the biranij.

    As I get more of the plotting down, the playlist grows. Here’s where he completely loses that fragile control over his new emotions when an enemy tries to kill someone he loves:

    “Devastator” by For Today ~
    “…Hell, fear me / I am the one that will bring you down / And when you fall, feel me / You’ll see my face on the battleground / Let my name be feared at the gates of hell, as I exalt the Savior / The One that died to buy my victory, and gave me a new name…”

    Lol, I have a lot of fun matching up songs and scenes. 🙂

      • Me too – Static X is one of my favorites! 😀 And thank you – lol, I’m one of those that can’t stand too much silence, so this is a great method for me. 🙂

        I made up “biranij” as a word for epiphany as I was working on a language for my people. I found this great book on language creation, pretty much through pure luck – The Language Construction Kit by Mark Rosenfelder. I’m not that good at it – lol, linguist is definitely not my second calling – but it’s been so much fun to put together a language from scratch. My stories either take place in this alternate realm that shares the same space with ours, or they center around characters from that realm. And as I was working all of that out, I figured that they wouldn’t call themselves “vampires” or “shapeshifters” or “dragons.” Those are human terms. I was thinking, since they have their own culture and history, separate from ours, that they would have their own language as well.

        It’s not fully fleshed out – I still have to stop and add words here and there as I need them – but I can type out entire sentences in that language now. 🙂

      • I’ll have to look up that book. I do prefer naming things different. Especially vampire. The moment you say vampire everyone groans and rolls their eyes, or they think they sparkle. However, I use and look up the etymology instead of making it from whole cloth because, just like you, not so good with making up my own languages.

        Do you do something similar for naming schema?

      • Lol, agreed – and I promise my vampires do *not* sparkle. XD

        And I do use a similar method for naming, whether it’s characters, plants, animals, citied, etc. It’s kind of the same idea as how human names are derived from certain words or have a longer meaning behind them.

        ~ Examples of character names: Isaro (spliced with the words “istuk” [begin/first/origin/original/starting point] and “aro” [of/from] – his first name means: “from the beginning”), Rina (spliced from the words “rine” [quiet] and “aruv” [energy/force/magic/power] – her first name means: “quiet power”)

        Lol, I even did that for cuss words and endearments, hoping to make them more realistic. 🙂 Like the endearment “naori” means “star of my night” or “star that guides me through the night.”

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