Blink Fiction: January Victory!

Know who is amazing? This guy.

So one of my goals this year is to just keep submitting to competitions and the like. If I see it, I will devour it. While some have been challenging due to the word requirements being on either end of my sweet short story sweet spot, I was able to knock out a blink fiction for High Fantasy Addicts.

To read the post, along with checking out the awesome site on reviews, ideas, and challenges, check out the victory announcement!

There will be another competition next week, so be sure to check them out and follow so you can defeat me next month.

Alright, good start to the competitions. Even if this is my only submission so far.

On another note, was contacted by my handler with Abbot Press yesterday. I’ll have first revisions for my Arabian book done by the end of the month, then I’ll do all the really boring paper work, and finally finish up by the end of March to get it submitted once and for all. Then publication nation from this station! Oh man, I’m awesome.

Have a blessed day! Do something awesome! I’m off.

26 Comments on “Blink Fiction: January Victory!

  1. Congrats on the win Paul =) You’ll be on par with Ernest Hemingway in no time =)

    The competition site’s theme is rather spiffy; I’m sure I saw it somewhere else…

    • I love the profile pic too! It is very awesome. So join so you can beat me next month! 😀 I’m still immensely jazzed, which is good, since I’m about to go into meetings 😦

      • Maybe in a month or so. I have two stories going on (one just about finished, thankfully) alongside working on Asamai.

      • The competitions are under 100 words. 😀 Please! And, yes, I need to work on my lands as well. I don’t know how you keep it all straight.

      • Well, the lack of gainful employment assists greatly. Allows one to stay up until the early hours working on a story =)

        If I finish Sayeh and Zia this month (as planned), I will have a go at the March challenge. How’s that?

    • I’ll make sure to sign it 😀 Awesome way to start the day. On top of that?! Found out I’m getting Girl Scout cookies tomorrow. Bliss.

      • OMG – Girl Scout Cookies,on top of all this? So jealous! If you have thin mints, I may hunt you down and steal them. Just saying….

        And I wouldn’t a copy of your book WITHOUT the autograph, so…. I’m glad we’re on the same page. 🙂

        (On a side note… my short story… I red-penned the hell out of it… so much work to do! I need to submit it by Thursday. Keep your fingers crossed!)

      • No need to cross fingers. It’ll do great 😉 It’s a brilliant piece. I’m getting peanut butter patties and caramel delights. I’ll try to bring a box up.

      • Awesome! I do have a box of thin mints coming my way… the question is when… For real, patience and girl scout cookies DO NOT go hand in hand. 🙂

    • Definitely will do! I need people to buy the book after all 😉 Ahem…. Going to start updating the site this weekend or next weekend so it’s easier to track and keep me honest on my goals.

      • I will definitely put it on my list of reads! I first have to finish Conley and Haggerty’s books.

    • It’s been a good day. Did I mention there’s a really cute French woman teaching us about smallwares? It’s a really really good day. Did I also mention the equipment she’s teaching us about can make chips?! Always nice when I possibly believe in the product more than the factory hiring me to sell it.

  2. Come to Calgary for your book tour and I’ll buy you a beer… in exchange for a highly personalised signing, of course 🙂

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    Congrats on the big win =)
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