Video Blog 5: Inspiration

The new video blog! It’s about inspirations which led to G’desh, the current region for the novel I’m writing. I hope it inspires you and teaches you something, or makes you look at the world (maybe video games) in a different light.

Also, a thank you to those who really helped me with the prologue debate. Please check them out below.

Paige Addams

High Fantasy Addict

S.M. Welles

I was tickled pink when I saw several clicks on High Fantasy for the blink fiction award. Tickle me again by clicking on these links! Or if that creeps you out, you can pass on the tickling and just click the links.

Now, for your viewing pleasure:

3 Comments on “Video Blog 5: Inspiration

  1. I enjoyed watching this, Paul. Thank you for stopping by and continuing to support us. Every vote of confidence helps right now!

    • The writing and table top world are labors of love. The financial pay out is nearly imperceptible, aside from a few lucky souls. So when it doesn’t pay in money, I figure I’ll do what I can to pay in adoration and encouragement 😉 Good luck with the kickstarter in a couple days.

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