PSA: Trust me, you can’t afford me

This is because I tire of this crap at work. If you respect me, if you don’t name call, if you understand that perhaps I know my product a smidge better than you, we will get along fine. I understand, sometimes I’m dealing with a master of furniture. To be honest, I learn a lot when I meet with a designer. I understand a person who went to college on how furniture is designed has a far better idea about furniture than I do. But guess what? They didn’t pay $20 per chair and table and complain when they were crap. They didn’t pick the shoddiest thing in a catalog and say “I want it,” then complain later for their choice and take it out on me, who would never sell a $20 chair. The chair you picked? The chair you picked is, at minimum, a $70 chair from my company. Minimum. And we don’t glue our seats on. We don’t need glue, because that looks like crap (unless it was grease, then you really need to talk to your cleaning staff).

So when I try to give you a comparison, and I inform you our particle board will hold the screws unlike the crap you purchased, and there is a reason our particle board is three times the price, and that you’re not going to be willing to pay us the price for the butcher block you asked for since it’s over ten times more than the tables you bought, trust me. Don’t make fun of my eyesight (which is actually pretty amazing) or my hearing (which, you’re right, isn’t that great), understand that I understand you. You’re cheap. And a lot of other unflattering things, which I pegged from the get go because you say a lot of hurtful and personal things about a person you don’t know. I hope the seat pads fail.

End Rant (I feel significantly better, as highly unprofessional as this was)

11 Comments on “PSA: Trust me, you can’t afford me

    • I try not to. I can usually hold it in. But this guy has not been pleasant even once. He just makes things up to belittle. And it pisses me off and hurts a little. But if he’s willing to pay $300 per table for a couple dozen? I’ll swallow my pride. I’m just betting he won’t.

  1. Ah the wonderful world of furnishings. My dad used to have a store in NYC for furniture and interior accessories. I know what you’re talking about Paul.
    We used to import Italian lacquer (the real deal), meanwhile big name competitors were pawning off heated laminate as an authentic lacquer finish.
    Of course our goods were more expensive. That made us money-grubbing scrooges in the eyes of some cheap skinflints.

    • Haha! Which is at least half our customers. We normally are selling restaurant equipment, but we want to be able to help with the front and back of the house. They don’t understand how important furniture is. It’s especially hard when you actually like the product a lot, meanwhile the dude selling the other product just likes money. I’m glad there’s another to share in this pain.

  2. Oi, sometimes these people are just miserable, and the only thing that makes them feel better is if they make someone else miserable. I’ve been in retail for 8 1/2 years, and yeah, you get a lot of jerks. When doing returns, they would often complain how rickety and cheap something is, expecting a $30 product to be as good as a similar $100 product, and you have to bite your tongue sometimes. You get what you pay for. Other times, there is no reason, they just pick something so they can see you turn into a crying puddle on the floor (did that about three times my first year).

    I’m glad I’m in a baby gift shop in a hospital now, where everyone is generally happy, and I get to deliver balloons, gifts, and flowers to new mommies while seeing the cute babies who have a GOOD reason to cry! One kid I saw this past week had quite a set of lungs on him! Preferable to a raving spoiled adult. The downside? Boring as hell. I’m by myself most of the time. I miss having people to talk to. Had so many at the last place I worked. They were good people who always had your back if a customer tried to lay in on you.

    Get some rest, and if you have a game that lets you kill something, go all out! Me? I can think of a few activities that could make me forget all my troubles, but it wouldn’t be appropriate to mention here. 😉


    • Glad you do 🙂 But you should be recovering! Very much so cannot wait to play your game. Even have a small group waiting for it. Will be nice to throw them into a world where they know nothing about it.

      • Might be able to get you something fairly soon to play – even before the Kickstarter is complete. I will be able to give you a definite timetable after this weekend. Hope they are excited!

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