Table Top isn’t dead!

VOID RPG has set up a kickstarter! Who are they?! How could you possibly ask? Well let me tell you a story.

First, table top rpgs, which is what these guys are making, are where you and some friends get together around a table, create a story and characters, and then go out and weave a story together. There are character sheets, dice, alcohol, and unhealthy food, which leads to incredible and living stories. Even if the storyteller, the individual writing the story for the players to interact with, would tell the same story to different groups (or even the same groups), chances are the way the story would go would be very different. Taverns would be avoided or frequented, orcs would be enslaved or slaughtered, and several other things.

Currently, this is becoming an indie field, like so many other artistic pursuits. A lot of the major players are recreating the same things, or they’ve become interested only in the money. Smaller publishers like Green Ronin have taken up this mantle to produce the games we miss. But on top of that, there are the true indie rpg makers, such as VOID.

As most of us know, indie struggles. We need all the support we can get. There are plenty of people trying to crawl over us, but, as Tough Mudder says, the best way to move up is to lift others to our level.

So I ask you to support these guys. If you can, please help out their Kickstarter. There are some awesome prizes in there. If you can’t help monetarily, then please look at their site, wander around, and get lost in their world. Support them with the knowledge you like what you see.

4 Comments on “Table Top isn’t dead!

  1. I’ve only tabletopped with standard modules. Right now I’m involved in a Pathfinder group doing “The Slumbering Tsar” series.
    Void looks rather interesting…a kind of break from standard gaming.
    A friend of mine does something like that. He self publishes his own game manuals under the name “Barrel Rider Games”

    • I’ve heard Pathfinder is pretty solid. D&D 3.0? Or similar. With so many of the major publishers closing their doors or shunning what they used to do, it’s fun to see the smaller companies sprout, often times from the ashes of the old behemoths. I like your friend’s page. Cool look.

    • More or less. Except their system will be more free form and allow greater creative expression. My gripe with D&D was due to the way the rules were written, it often focused more on combat and dice rolling than actual role playing. It wasn’t so much about the story. While this is Game Master prerogative, it was difficult to break away from. This is supposed to give a looser rule set, so you can do more creative feats and make things up more easily. Which I love. I rarely have my players roll. I’d rather have them act it out and weave an incredible tale. Long winded….

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