Camp NaNo

I’m taking my time on my edits for my book. I’m outlining things, writing short stories for support, and just generally truly putting my best foot forward like I could not seem to do in Kelst and Ayne. I feel good.

I still haven’t written the first word in the new manuscript (I like burning the first one, and using the corpse as a reminder of things which were). I know what it will be, or an approximation. “Kess watched a man with peculiar yellow skin and strange black clothes enter the Cliffs of War.” My concept is the first sentence should be a story in itself. It should create questions which will be there for some time. From one writer I respect, basically this first hook should be the last one resolved, and it very much so is one of the final resolutions.

However, as I prepare to start writing, to continue this journey and see it through, there’s been another challenge issue. For the love of all that is good, there are actually a full three issues every year. While customarily there is a November contest, there is also the belligerent April and July contests. It’s called Camp NaNo and it’s to keep writers frosty so we don’t find ourselves in a lull until November, where, as a rusty tool, we must grind down the unwanted oxidation, polishing the edge until we’re razor sharp. By the time this is finished, it’s December and we bemoan our ineptitude. Camp NaNo is to keep us primed, even allowing us to create our own, far more realistic and boring, word count.

You even get a support group given to you by fate. In which I feel horrible because last year I ignored them. They were lovely people from what little I didn’t ignore them.

But I’m a fool, so I signed up. I will be doing a 25,000 word anthology. It will be a compilation of short stories based upon G’desh. We will see how it goes.

Hopefully your own writings are proving strong! If you want to join my cabin, I’m kess82.

12 Comments on “Camp NaNo

      • Well, we’re still going, Lol I’ve basically been on a Writing Hiatus most of the last year… But have kept the Site going… Back at it now, and People always seem to enjoy the Writing Contests Good Luck! DJ-

  1. I’ve never done any of the NaNo offshoots, and I’m afraid this year won’t be an exception. I’ve already signed up for A to Z April, and between that and everything else, I’m pretty swamped. Good luck to you though!!

      • Ah, I see. πŸ˜› It’s a 26 day prompt challenge for the month of April – start a post with the letters of the alphabet in order, every day except the four Sundays. If you go to my home page and scroll down to the A-Z April pic and click on it, it takes you to the site that hosts it. I signed up a month ago already, and I was something like 650 on the list of participants. It’s gonna be big. πŸ™‚

  2. Haha this: “They were lovely people from what little I didn’t ignore them.” I could say that about so many people in my life πŸ˜‰ Good Luck with Camp NaNo! I’m looking forward to this summer– I’m going to be editing (delusionally looking forward, of course). Next fall is new book time. *squeal*

    • That was wittier than I thought it was. I should include that in a book. Excited about the editing. I’m sure it’ll be great. πŸ™‚ I would be more witty and inquisitive with my response, but the past two days have been trying and I still have work I need to do tonight. Show season is simultaneously amazing and horrid.

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