Hey guys, a little contest. Shouldn’t take up too much time but should be fun. Please enter if you have time. I’ll be entering my delven from my current story. They aren’t in your face elves, but the drow were their inspiration. Along with seals.

Legendary Post

magic-alpha-elvisharchers 2Tell Us Your Elven Story… Legendary Post Elven Story Writing Contest

It has been too long since we have done a Writing Contest

And so…


1) Stories Must Be Elf Related

2) Stories May Be No More Than 1,000 Words

3) Stories Must Be Turned In By March 31st

4) Stories Will Be Judged April 1st-10th

5) Winners Will Be Announced April 11th

6) Judges Yet To Be Determined

7) 4 to 8 Judges Shall Be Chosen

8) All Stories Will Be Posted On This Blog As They Are Received

9) Winners Shall Receive Badges Which Can Be Placed On Their Blogs For All To See

10) If I’m Lucky, My Friend Will Once Again Create Cool Award Badges (Or I Shall Come Up With Something)

11) There Will Be 1st (Gold), 2nd (Silver), 3rd (Bronze), Reader’s Choice Awards Given

12) Blog Writers ‘Are’ Allowed To…

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