What makes good science fiction?

I wasn’t going to post this tonight. I’m exhausted. Tomorrow is another really long day. But if I don’t post this, if I don’t loose it from my mind, I’ll lay in bed pondering it. This way I release it to the world.

What makes good science fiction?

There’s a contest coming up that I would like to write for. It’s a science fiction contest. I know a lot of very commonly used tropes, which were all done amazingly well. When something is done amazingly well, it’s very difficult to actually mimic it without it seeming like fan service. I don’t want to be another fan boy.

So throughout the day, when I wasn’t educating people about restaurant equipment, I was pondering what makes science fiction good. What makes people flock to it. I also tried thinking up a story.

Currently I’m going with a Deus Ex theme because I feel it has the most possibility to veer from what already exists. People all have a HUD through neural implants at a young age. These exist as tracking devices as well. The rich can get other augmentations, such as enhanced physical performance, HUD gives more detailed information, weapon systems, eidetic memory, and other capabilities. I wouldn’t leave earth, because I feel I’d just end up trying to copy FireflyMass EffectStar Trek, or any number of other space operas. A plan where human augmentations are capable, that’s something I sense I can run with.

So what draws you to science fiction? What makes you want to read it and what concepts cause you to pick up a book in the first place? What could improve my own idea, or is this idea crap? All input is direly requested. I’m at a loss.

11 Comments on “What makes good science fiction?

    • I generally create the world, then come up with the characters to experience it. Right now my issue is coming up with something fascinating for the science. So I’ll take this as it’s time to make things more concrete. Thanks for the input!

  1. I don’t think there is one simple, magic formula. I would suggest that a good place to start would be to think of an epoch or a related series of major events in history, perhaps a darker one, and then to re-imagine it, considering how technology would influence things.

  2. What draws me to a good science fiction, sci fi, or fantasy is richly painted world. Without that, no story and no character can make sense. It’s important to know what makes the elements of the story react – and that must be the circumstance in which they exist.

  3. I think what draws me to science fiction is the ability to combine technology with the spiritual. Star Wars is an obvious example. I’m always up for an epic heroic quest that allows one to delve into the questions of life. The things that man has struggled with since the beginning of time never changes, no matter how many technological advances we make. It’s quite humbling, and I find it entertaining to watch a character deal with those same struggles in a time when mankind is supposedly “enlightened” with technology as the security blanket, a poor attempt at shielding oneself from the eternal realities of life.

    Feeling a little philosophical today. 😉


    • As Sci Fi continues, it feels like the mystical is torn out more drastically. Thanks for bringing up the spiritual. It’s so easy to forget.

      • A little side note: I see this in our world, and it makes it all the more relatable. People often think that with enough enhancements and advances in science, they could rid themselves of the concept of the divine, and perhaps even make themselves out to be God’s replacement. There have always been people throughout history, generally rulers and conquerers, who likened themselves as living gods (Egyptian Pharohs, Xerxes, Alexander the Great, etc.), though they were about as human as you and me. But with technology, it’s possible to spread that mindset to the masses, where the mysteries and miracles of everyday life are explained in such a way that they are no longer viewed in awe and wonder. I know some would beg to differ, but even if the wonder of creation around us isn’t gone, there’s often this arrogance and sense of superiority over those who would still believe there’s something bigger than all of us out there, and not just a creator but also a judge. The thing I find people fear the most aside from dying (and public speaking, LOL) is judgement. We all want to be the masters of our own destinies, and to an extent we are. However, with technology we face a great challenge in acknowleging our own limits and our own humanity.

        Okay, that was a BIG side note. I hope I didn’t go too off-track there.


  4. Glad you found me so I can now follow you. Whatever magic sci fi holds…I can’t name it. The imagination has no limits. It is full of potential, both good and bad. I love it.

    • It’s difficult to wrap my head around. I can’t figure it out. And thanks for following myself and Unitus. That’s how I found your site. Good information.

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