Laundry or Notebooks?

I finally got all the laundry off my floor. The plan is slowly but surely to keep everything so clean that there is little clean up. There are women to impress and nephews I want to stay over for an epic weekend of “What trouble can Uncle Paul get us in”. I can’t expect him to stay over when it looks bad.

Anyway, I cleaned up all the clothes, yet still I couldn’t walk on the floor. Why not? Because I have a lot of notebooks. So I guess it’s time to start going through these notebooks for useful information and information that needs to be discarded.

So I have a large Wal-Mart basket a friend took in our college years and a large cardboard box that I’ll sort through. Some of the information I find in these things can be amazing. I’ve found really old game ideas that I can just pull out and put to work. Other times I found old stories that I’m currently working on. It’s like reading what you wrote as a middle school kid compared to what you’re writing today.

Have you found cleaning never helps? Or that you have a great deal of notebooks that have given you insight into your mind.

7 Comments on “Laundry or Notebooks?

  1. Cleaning never helps, but then again, the kids are always here. Wanna borrow them? 😉

    I enjoy looking back through old emails and I have a LiveJournal that’s been around since 2004. Interesting stuff there. 🙂

    • I usually try to delete the old emails. Mostly because they’re tied to exes I want to get over. As for the kids, I think I’m good for now 😛 I sort of want the fun that goes into creating them before having them for anything more than a wild weekend of ne’er-do-well.

  2. That just happened to me too. I started clearing things and got very behind once I started find my old photos and notebooks. I ended up spending the rest of the day going through those to the point I had to continue my cleaning the next day. But that might just be tied to me being a procrastinator though. :p

  3. The last time I did this, I found something disturbing and brought some bad memories back. I was happlily talking to myself about what I was going through (I do this a lot, and it was a bunch of stuff from like kindergarten and first and second grade before I switched to a new school), but when I came across it, I was dead silent. I quietly went through the rest, then put it all back up. I didn’t say another word to myself the rest of the day. It was that bad. 😦


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