Entry #4 – “Tell Us Your Elven Story”

Contest entry on elves at Legends. Check out the site and my story. I don’t think Billy will be winning best character, but hopefully it is a fresh take.

Legendary Post


by Paul Robert

Clouds gathered over the city of Alymar. Purple lightning flickered in the storm clouds. Black clouds created a vortex just north of the Ballmont Building. The Ballmont was near a thousand feet, well above the smog level below. It gave an excellent view of the summoning.

Billy sharpened his glaive as he eyed the portal forming behind the clouds. It wasn’t physically visible, but it didn’t need to be. Billy’s hair was long, golden, and like silk, tied into a pony tail. He wore cargo pants and combat boots, but removed his button up shirt. It would restrain him in the coming battle.

There was a tattoo of a serpent with legs, tail wrapped around his hairless, muscular abs and back, the body of the inked creature moving up and over his shoulder, while two arms ripped open his chest to reveal his heart, a long…

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5 Comments on “Entry #4 – “Tell Us Your Elven Story”

      • I found a handful of spots where you could have saved words, but to each their own writing style. Fantasy is known to be particularly loquacious =)

      • That’s why we write fantasy; world-building is awesome!

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