Hidden Files

My computer is formatted. I agreed to allow it to save the old files, but I didn’t really want them, so I deleted them. Except there were files which could not be deleted. “Why is that?” I pondered out loud, looking through the three files folders which were at my disposal. I went back to the old.windows files.

Shuffling through properties it informed me, “11 files”. I rubbed by eyes and temples and thought on this conundrum. I only saw three files. Why in the world was it not letting me delete them and why in properties did it tell me eleven?

I went to my lap top, turned on my PS4 and started watching shows while writing. I couldn’t wrap my head around this issue. Then, as I was looking at some of the documents of my laptop, it struck me. Hidden files.

A year or two ago I had created clever hidden files. I thought, only I would ever be able to see them! They were filled with pictures that if I died I didn’t want the world to see, but from time to time I wanted to see them. The only issue is at this point that’s all I can remember of them.

There’s a problem: that’s all I remember of the pictures. There are two actual options, and one of them I could handle finding and the other would likely make me curl up into a ball in a cave for an extended period of time. It also means I know what the names to the folders would be.

The first is obvious. It could be porn. However, my general rule of thumb is to not save images to my computer. I think that’s rather crude. There is a chance I found images I had become so smitten with I saved them anyway, but this is immensely unlikely. Considering I’m trying to kick this, it’d be harmful to see the images, but I’m fairly sure I could delete them without lingering.

The second would be an ex girlfriend. You know, those pictures. I tried my best after the break up to delete everything. I thought that was only fair. But here I am, looking at three folders which apparently contain another eight folders, and this is a very real possibility. This would be an issue. It hurts to see her, badly, even a year later. This option would see me go to my room, put on songs likeΒ Let Her Go, and weep silently. I know, it’s not the manly approach. It is what it is.

For now I’ve opted to just ignore it. I will likely continue to ignore it. Since I haven’t done anything real substantial with my system since formatting it, I might format it again without saving the old files. Solve all my issues.

Have you ever found data on your computer you didn’t expect to find and likely didn’t want to find? Or have you found something that greatly excited you and you thought was lost?

12 Comments on “Hidden Files

  1. I do occasionally find things I didn’t even know I’d lost, so I can’t say I was excited… because I always thought I could go back to them if I’d wanted to. If that makes any sense. In your case, I’d advise you to re-format. If you didn’t know they were there, you didn’t miss them, so they can’t be that important. It seems not seeing them again is more important to you right now.

    • But us humans suffer from curiosity and a need to unlock puzzles 😦 I’m also not entirely following your statement.

      • But it takes a wise human to understand which puzzles should remain locked. πŸ˜‰
        What I really meant to say except I’m kinda brain dead after having actually slept a full ten hours, is that when I found the things I found, I found them where I never would have looked for them… so had I been looking for them, I’d have been disappointed. But since I wasn’t… Oh never mind. It’s starting to not make any sense to me now. πŸ˜›

      • No, this time I got it. It was just a little more global view than I was looking for. I getcha. Congrats on the sleep! I got a full 7. I was pretty overjoyed. To sleep!

  2. I found some old emails from a friend. I shredded them even though they weren’t bad. I just decided I didn’t need them any more. It kind of felt good.

    • Haha! Maybe that’s what I have to do πŸ˜› I likely won’t put the time into it to scratch it. So it’ll sit there, forgotten again in the future. Likely until the computer sees the end of days (probably a year or two more).

  3. Oh yes. I think you read my post about the sword photo of my ex. That was gold. At other times though, I’ve found things that hurt. I still have old emails from a very very bad relationship I was in before I went to China. Somehow I can’t bring myself to get rid of them though I never read or look at them. I feel like I need them as some sick form of proof that things were ever that f*cked up. Weird. Haven’t thought about that in a long time!

    • I did read about the sword! And that is awesome. But your ex was a complete psycho and douche. While my ex hurt me, she was an amazing woman and I want to respect her as best I can, even though it’s not always easy (and I don’t always succeed). Should print out the emails and burn them, then delete them πŸ˜‰ It’s very weird how long those scars can stay with us.

      Also…just saying again…you and your bf are way too cute. Glad you have a guy worth having. Even if early to movies.

      • Aw! Thank you πŸ™‚ I feel he is rather cute. And he’s humble and unwilling to understand why I must constantly discuss him all over the internets πŸ˜‰

  4. I have a folder full of chat logs of AOL Instant Messenger and ICQ from High School, many of them with people who I’ve not talked to in years. Every once in awhile, probably once every couple of years, I’ll come across them and spend hours reading them and reminiscing. I keep them hidden because I feel it’s a little sad that I so easily dwell on the past like that, but I can’t bring myself to delete them because they are literal hours and days of conversation that I’d be sort of pissing into the wind.

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