Warp Speed

I’m currently watching Star Trek. The show is actually pretty incredible. Despite the immensely limited special effects, budgets, and so on, they do a fairly good job invoking the imagination to create a riveting story.

Travel through space consists of warp speed, or being able to travel faster than light, no doubt created through the concept that if we can travel several times faster than sound we can travel faster than light.

In Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction, Orson Scott Card said warp speed is just bad science. We have stated that we cannot travel faster than light through any sort of propulsion. You have to use warp holes, dimension rifts, etc. But you cannot travel faster than light because a theory says so. At this point, warp speed is used for Star Trek and spoofs, not for serious science fiction.

Why is there something against warp speed or propulsion traveling faster than light? Why does there have to be an alternate way to do it?



3 Comments on “Warp Speed

  1. That’s the difference between Science Fiction and sci-fi, as I learned it in Grade 12 Science Fiction class. Science Fiction is plausible, whereas sci-fi doesn’t have to be. That, I would guess, is why.

    • I’ll remain silly and ignorant. I always group sci fi and science fiction together 😛 Also, I’m just not sold that it’s impossible to accomplish ftl. There was a time we greatly believed we couldn’t achieve flight or that we couldn’t move as fast as sound. So ultimately I’m still open to ftl is possible.

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