For A-Z April, I just felt inspired.

You know how you had that equipment malfunction? How you were told ten days ago that it’s going to break, you need a new one, and quickly? Then how when it did break ten days later you jumped all over us to rush it to you? How the factory made the equipment a day quicker than usual (which likely means they took it from someone else’s shipment) and then paid ridiculous amounts of money to get the equipment to you the next morning before you open? How you jumped down my throat that I didn’t call you immediately when I had no answer and you were nonchalant when I gave you the answer you demanded? How you couldn’t figure out that perhaps for two or three days you should get a $20 residential piece to fill in the gap, which we would have paid for?

You’re welcome for the war I waged on your behalf with the factory to get it to you. After you nearly didn’t buy from us over $10. I love making enemies of my boss while bowing down to mercenaries.

I wish this was rare. I wish this described one instance. I wish, like nothing else, this wasn’t something that happened nearly weekly.


7 Comments on “Annoyed

  1. Entitlement runs amok in just about any place; business, community, city… ignorance is boundless and it’s people like you and I who get trodden on. It IS annoying, but unfortunately there is no escape. All you can do is take the high road and hope they learn from your example.
    Enjoy your time when you’re not working. You deserve it.

    • I just wish they’d send cute women wearing skirts to trodden on me 😦 But yes, it’s true. And the crap about it’s the new generation? I think it’s more pronounced, but I see it just as much in the old generation. I hope you can find some enjoyment too 🙂

      • Agreed. It’s everywhere.I can remember being berated for being ignorant when I worked in a gas station when I was 16 by an entitled customer. That guy’s got to be pretty old by now.

        Thanks very much, Paul. It’s nice to get a break. 🙂

  2. Argh, I feel for you. I used to work in the service industry too. Don’t know how some people can be so demanding and act like the world revolves around them.

    • What sucks is if there weren’t so many “Yes men” we could actually be respected. Unfortunately we are so based on just getting the sale, we aren’t fostering loyalty. I’d rather tell some customers we can’t do it while bending for the ones who support us. Support those who support you. Hope your job hunt is getting better.

      • Yes I know. I have turned down a client or 2 because I knew they were going to have unrealistic demands. Luckily my boss was willing to back me up on that. Well I hope you don’t get too many of these idiots from now on. And thanks but unfortunately the job hunt is still not great.

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