Just the Tip

I’m double posting. I know, I shouldn’t. But I’m excited. I don’t want to be sitting at my desk. I want to be at the gym. I want to be at TM (even though I’m woefully not ready). I want to be climbing crap and just running around. I can’t stop shaking, I’m that excited.

What’s TM you ask? Thanks for asking, let me show you.

There won’t be ice when we do it, but it’s still intense. It feels so good. You don’t get how good it feels. Wait, that didn’t get you pumped? Let me try this.


How aren’t you pumped? How aren’t you dying to do this with us? What I know is I’ll be spending some quality time at the gym tonight. Wisconsin will be near Kiel, up by Sheboygan. It’s going to be a muscle course. And by the good and the bad, I will be ready for it. Why? Because of this obstacle: Just the Tip.

I’m the ancestor of Ezio Auditore!

How doesn’t that look incredible? I’m terrified. Don’t get me wrong. But I am excited. I am pumped. I can’t stop shaking, because I want to be lifting. I just might spend all day Saturday in the gym.

So, to Just the Tip. To the Mountain King and the Arctic Enema. To the Electric Eel and Electroshock Therapy. To me. To my team. To us. Let’s strive. The year is still young, and there is a lot of ass kicking to be had. I hope you’re kicking it in your own way. Until then, wow I do not want to be sitting in an office.

3 Comments on “Just the Tip

    • I’m hoping it’s significantly less painful. But I’m betting it will be. Looking forward to the gym today! 😀 Get to see more beautiful women than I can shake a stick at.

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