A – Z April: E

The treadmill bores down on my calves, every step a burden. I can feel them wanting to cramp. I can feel my arches start to tense. My lungs burn and my vision starts to lose color. I’m about to reach that euphoric stage. I know it’s bad, I’m not entirely sure what causes it, but I know it means I am tired and likely a bit more dehydrated than I should ever admit.

I get off the treadmill and head into the locker room. When I try to get my swimsuit on, everything is screaming at me. My feet nearly cramp up, but stretching after my run helped them.

Driving home, when I got out of the car after truly resting, every step was a strain on my endurance. Every step created pain and fatigue.

Yet here I am, today, at that treadmill again. I could only go 2.16 miles in 40 minutes yesterday. I know my calves hurt. But today I will go 2.25, and my body will shut up and like it.

I am exhausted. I am endurance.

9 Comments on “Exhaustion

  1. I’m dreading a return to the treadmill. I’m glad you’re doing it and feeling good about it. I’m wondering what’s going to be your post for “F”. 🙂

  2. Don’t overdo it! Yeah, I know that’s the whole point, but you’re just starting again. This is when you can seriously hurt yourself. And drink more water, damnit!

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