A – Z April: E

The treadmill bores down on my calves, every step a burden. I can feel them wanting to cramp. I can feel my arches start to tense. My lungs burn and my vision starts to lose color. I’m about to reach that euphoric stage. I know it’s bad, I’m not entirely sure what causes it, but I know it means I am tired and likely a bit more dehydrated than I should ever admit.

I get off the treadmill and head into the locker room. When I try to get my swimsuit on, everything is screaming at me. My feet nearly cramp up, but stretching after my run helped them.

Driving home, when I got out of the car after truly resting, every step was a strain on my endurance. Every step created pain and fatigue.

Yet here I am, today, at that treadmill again. I could only go 2.16 miles in 40 minutes yesterday. I know my calves hurt. But today I will go 2.25, and my body will shut up and like it.

I am exhausted. I am endurance.


  1. Don’t overdo it! Yeah, I know that’s the whole point, but you’re just starting again. This is when you can seriously hurt yourself. And drink more water, damnit!

    1. The last time was far worse. My calves will give me issues for about the first week, but this time wasn’t as bad as the first. The first time they hurt for several days. So I’m feeling pretty good about it 😀 But I could always use a massage 😉

      1. Badly drawn cartoon characters? Just don’t see the appeal… 😛 But thanks for searing that into my brain. I owe you one. 😉

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