A – Z April: G

Reach 170 lbs in 12 weeks

Strength train more heavily after 170, along with purchase a mace and shield to aid with strength training and basic survival skills when the apocalypse happens

Go gluten free

Avoid fast food. The few times I go, I may only order oatmeal or salads with a coffee or water

Cook basically every night and bring snacks to work

Go shopping for food twice a week

Clean one room a day (eventually this will go from massive project to basic maintenance)

Go on no more than one date a month, unless the date went well. Women have been like art lately. Whenever I pay, I still can’t touch. It gets expensive. I know that seems selfish, but when a date is $40 minimum and you’re going on about three a month, and one is usually with someone that you’re not planning on getting serious with? I can look from afar and I’ll be just fine.

Write 1500 words a day. 2000 words a day on weekend. If I’m not far enough in my planning, spend at least an hour (two on weekends) planning and writing, even if I don’t hit my word count.

To conquering the world! I’ll accept nothing less.

Edit: And buy Insanity…because I formatted my hard drive and forgot it was on there, so I am without.

6 Comments on “Goals

    • I thought I replied to this, but my phone is telling me it’s a liar. I feel it’s not the same insanity I’m looking for 😛

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