Brave Men

So I have my cleaning done, my cooking done (more of a stew than the soup I was attempting, though I believe it will make a great base for future meals instead of being a meal in and of itself), my writing well finished (2500 words on a week night, what was I thinking), and work out finished (strained my pec and shoulder after push up number two, which tells me I messed it up bad yesterday), I decided to finish Clash of KingsOn top of that, since I’m not using today as my H day and instead I’m postponing it until tomorrow, I thought I would post this. It’s a quote from Tyrion when he sees an army crossing a very questionable “bridge” (or a bunch of ships locked together accidentally that were on fire and sinking).

“Those are brave men,” he told Ser Balon in admiration. “Let’s go kill them.”

I don’t get why this has me laughing. It just does. I even hear it in Peter Dinklage’s voice.

12 Comments on “Brave Men

    • I’m not sure how familiar you are with the series, if I recall not very, but it’s even funnier because the guy saying it is a midget who shies from battle as often as possible.

      • Context helps, I’m sure. I can’t get the series without either buying it or finding it online on less-than-legal sites. Not on Netflix, nor TV.

      • This is from the book. Didn’t happen in the show. He still seemed every bit the imp. In the book, he’s actually quite brave.

      • Cool. Must buy the books. I think I’d rather have them in paperback than on the e-reader.

      • Always buy hardbacks, leave your books to those that follow behind you.

      • Unfortunately I’m not that rich. Having said that, however, sometimes they go on sale cheaper than the paperback after it becomes available – so I’ll buy the hardcover. Having said THAT, I do lend them out, but I have a very hard time parting with books I enjoy. I often read the best ones multiple times.

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