Hump Day

A – Z April: H

Guess what day it is? Hump Day! Yeah yeah! Happy Hump Day, folks. For those working, you’re half way there. For those with a lover, make it count. Happy Wednesday.

When in the desert....
When in the desert….

A little extra from our finest in uniform! Hump Day!


This is a double! Why? Because last night I went to do push ups since I wasn’t going into the gym. I lifted two days prior but wanted to keep something going with the upper body. On three there was a twinge. On four there was a burning from my left shoulder to my left pec. On five is was searing pain and I was on the ground.  Great to be back in the game.

7 Comments on “Hump Day

  1. Happy Hump Day, Hun! 😀

    Next time you want to work out your upper body, try doing planks. They minimize impact, give you more of a full body workout, and you can do them until you can’t do them, without the surprise of, “I shouldn’t have done that.”

    • Five push ups? Five push ups should not have led to “I shouldn’t have done that.” 😦 But yes, I do need to plank more. Low plank, high plank, side plank. Bahaha. That’d be a fun story. Middle of sex, guy stops. Woman’s all “What’s going on?” “I’m planking.” If you can’t handle me at my worst….

      • Sports injuries are no fun – and you’re right, 5 pushups should not have led to that. Be careful.

        During sex? Seriously, I’d doubt myself if that happened, not the guy.

      • OMG!!!! I have a story! Can I tell you a story?! I’m telling you a story. Happened to a friend.

        So she had sex with this guy, he didn’t really talk to her much after, but then he called and asked to hang out. So they had sex again during the hang out. I warned her that this is a bad idea, she’s just going to end up hurt, this guy isn’t looking for a relationship.

        In the middle of sex!!!!! IN THE MIDDLE OF IT! he stops and says “I can’t do this.” Got dressed and walked out. Ooooh man. I didn’t have the heart to say “I told you so.”

      • Ouch! Then again, it’s more difficult for a guy to fake it, I guess. Still, ouch! I hate to think what that must have done to her self-confidence.

      • Not much. It was already in the pit or she wouldn’t have slept with him in the first place. However, she finally has a good guy, and hopefully will keep him. She’s actually the friend I cut ties with not that long ago.

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