A – Z April: I

Upon my heart here was a tart
And I loved her so. She came
Around a few times a day,
We talked and romance starts.

Emotions created beautiful weave
As steam between us there was.
Glass between us made a mirror
Of what we want, I couldn’t leave.

Great liars mirrors can make
Reflections ill aligned,
Difficult to see even with light
It’s so easy to create a fake.

Just like that you shattered glass,
Made me see the truth. You’re
A mess, and now I’m stressed,
Since I loved you. Now kiss my ass.

And so the mirror breaks.
And so the mirror breaks.

Note: This is hyperbole. I had someone I was close to. And recently she went really…weird. I had a thing for her, but the poem says it all.

Insanity Lost

So I was also hoping to do some Insanity. My apartment living room is clear enough. Then I realized that in the formatting of my hard drive, it’s all gone. Crap. So is life.

8 Comments on “Illusions

    • Thanks 😀 It’s rare you can actually tell one you love such a thing, so I wanted to take advantage of it. Yeah, she just got really…bizarre on me, and it’s like, I’m moving on. Been happening a bit lately as I sort out who I really want in my life.

      • I know exactly what you mean. One thing I cannot tolerate is drama. I refuse to let anyone into my life who dwells on and rants over every … tiny … little … thing… that goes wrong. Life is just too short.

      • Haha! No. I think I know you well enough to know what you’re referring to most of the time.

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