I drive up, “Yeah, I’ll take one order. The usual.”

My head was pounding and I couldn’t focus. I felt lethargic and tired. I needed to kick this habit.

The faceless voice came back, “Alright, here’s the cost.”

I went to the window and pulled out my cash. There was a quick exchange for the juice, for the delicious nectar that would alleviate headache and lethargy. I was dying for it.

It wasn’t always this way. Just a year ago there was no such addiction, no headaches, no lethargy. I didn’t need the fix. But now….

The woman brought it to the woman. We smiled each other. “How are you?” She was peppy.

“I’m doing great.” I smiled as best I could through the ocular migraine and took the cup. Goodness, the cup. I sipped it though it was hot upon my tongue, burning a little, but I needed it. I needed my java fix.

12 Comments on “Juiced

    • I did it yesterday. I tried very hard today, but I had to talk to a lot of people in a short period of time. Java was required. That and the coffee lady was hot.

      • Wow. All I can think is, that’s a long time to go without coffee. 😛 It doesn’t hurt to drink a cup or two a day. It’s when you go overboard with it that it’s bad for you.

  1. Hasn’t it been reported that coffee actually has health benefits? High antioxidants and lowers risk of some diseases? Well that’s my excuse anyway :p Coffee is good.

    • Haha, so they say. I’m sure if the researches were doing heroine they’d find the medicinal benefits of that too 😛 Nah, actually coffee is good in moderation, but I want to get off of it entirely. A lot of those things can be replaced with other foods.

      • No more coffee, at all, forever? Oh the horror. I can cut down coffee but I don’t think I can ever totally get off it, love it too much :p Good luck though, I am sure you will be able to do it.

  2. Coffee in the morning, coffee in the evening…I like the taste. I drink a lot of decaf.

    • I get how this will sound…decaf just feels like it’s defeating the purpose. But I suppose if you like the taste it makes sense.

    • Haha Ernesto! Bad habits 😉 I used to smoke when I drank. There was a direct correlation between smoking and drinking and throwing up shortly after. Though no hang overs 😀

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