Draft Day 2017

It’s the 2016 off season, leading up to the 2017 draft in Madden 25 for our league. I was the Jacksonville Jaguars. In three weeks we will move into our new home, to be known as the Mexico City Jaguars. The Aztec warriors were known as jaguars, so what better fitting name? The stadium is state of the art, all the bells and whistles, primarily paid for by Mexico City, so this off season the Jaguars have been putting ridiculous money into the team to make it something to be proud of.

Tonight is the draft. It’s a big deal. I didn’t realize how big until the 2016 draft a few months ago. The name that’s stuck with me since then was Zapalac. The wide receiver was young, aspiring, and had all the right stats. While he still needs improvement, he’s worth working on and he’s my second receiver. With a receiving core all under 28, it’s a struggle, but worthwhile in the long run. Along with the 26 year old Chatam, in another year or two we will be major playoff contenders.

If our line holds out. The right side is powerful, the guard and tackle well over 90 ratings. When running that way, my mediocre running back can punch five to ten yards a play. My left side would be back ups on any other team. While signing a left guard with some capability through free agency (with the amount I’m offering him I’d be amazed if anyone could beat me), I need a tackle. Badly. The free agents were of low quality, so it’s up to the draft for me to find some quality. Or trading.

I’ve done my scouting. I’ve got a second, two fourth, sixth, and seventh round pick. I’m terrified. I’m jittery. And the draft starts in four hours. No one told me the most nerve wracking, exciting, exhilarating moment in football was when no one played. But I’m still not going to see the movie.

So to draft day. That my picks will show potential, either as talent or trade bait.

5 Comments on “Draft Day 2017

    • Those American football players 😉 Basically, it’s a big night. 😛 I’m excited, especially after the work week I’ve had. And it’s Tuesday.

      • We go about two in game weeks per real week. It’s 17 football weeks a year. So we take about two months to get through a season. So in four months I’ll have a very talented team.

        Missed you too. Just been doing a lot of running around. Easter was great until my nephew became demonic. Granted, then he started playing with himself during nap time and peed all over his bed. Potty training takes interesting turns at two and a half.

      • It certainly does. I’ve heard daughters are easier than sons in that department, but I wouldn’t know for sure.

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